Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip On Vacation In The Summer

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In August 2016, my family and I went on vacation. Every year during the summer we usually go on vacation but this specific trip was one of the best i've ever been on. In July, we were starting to plan our vacation, and we thought we should do something that would be fun and would be an amazing experience. So, we decided that we were going to drive to Roanoke and stay at a hotel for the night, and the next day, we would drive to Tennessee. After a couple of days in Tennessee, we would go to Kentucky, and afterwards, West Virginia. It sounded very interesting to me.
Then the day came where we would leave our beloved home and start our getaway. So, we made sure we had everything and we left. We got to the hotel around 5:00, and we got
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It was beautiful there. Everything was so colorful and vibrant. The hotel we were staying at had a huge pool and an amazing room. The beds were also comfy. Later that day, we went to the pool for like an hour and we went back to the room. We eventually went to sleep and the next day we went to DollyWood. We had gotten tickets online, and it seemed pretty cool on the website. When we had got there, we were amazed. It was really nice there, and they had many things to do. For example, roller coasters, gift shops, mini games, and food stand. We rode a couple of rides, and we won a couple of prizes. Before we left, we went into the shops and ate some really delicious food. So after that, we went back to the hotel. We were pretty exhausted, so we fell asleep …show more content…
The next morning, we had went to this trail kind of thing where you would walk and there would be carvings of like cartoon characters in the trees. For instance, there was a carving of Spongebob and Elmo too. It was a pretty cool experience to me, and we also saw a deer. That night, we had went to a steakhouse to eat at for dinner. The morning had come and we were happy for that day because we were going to a local fair they were having. It was really fun, and we had won a stuffed animal as a prize. We also rode a couple of rides, and we had walked around to look at

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