Chesapeake Car Narrative

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The car was ready for our trip to Emerald Isle North Carolina. My brother Will and I argued on who would sit in the “hump” in the car. The “hump” was the tightest, most cramped and the seat that can’t adjust in the middle of the two awesome window seats. Will even tried to get my older brother Danny who was almost 15 to sit in that seat! “I have been sitting in that seat for 13 hours for 14 years! No way Will!” Danny complained. Annoyed, I held my breathe and volunteered to sit in the awful seat. Will smirked and continued to flip through his lego catalogs. I rolled my eyes and shut the car door. The center console squeezed my legs together and made my back ace. I kept thinking why it took my parents so long to get to the car. After the short night sleep I was miserable. We went to …show more content…
I held my breathe and gave out a sigh hopping the next hours to Virginia to our hotel will be better. I found myself doodling penguins and groundhogs in my journal, until I saw we were driving on one of the biggest bridges I have ever seen the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. That bridge always freaked me out, because of the such small walls. I hated to look at the sea sickening water below us.
“Hey dad, I hope we don’t fall off!!” I yelled loudly.
My dad scolded me on how we were suppose to be quite on this one in particular bridge. I kept my mouth closed the entire way to Virginia, trust me, it was hard. Will still jammed out, my dad drove, my mom knitted, Danny played on his phone and just sat in the hump, aching, bored and cramped all the way to Virginia.
We woke up at the hotel the next morning. Today was crunch time to get to North Carolina. My family and I went down stairs to eat our free breakfast. I took a shower and my dad was ready to start our day in the car.
“One more hour!” Danny screeched.
“Yeah, Dan I think we know that, you’ve been saying it for 3 hours now!” Will

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