Personal Narrative-Shadow Moses Island

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The cold air slammed into my face as I exited the long forgotten warmth of the helicopter. I hugged myself in an effort to stay warm, but the Alaskan weather had another idea. Small flurries of snow began to float around me and delicately placed themselves in my hair. I'm finally here...Shadow Moses Island. A solider walked in front of me signaling me to follow. I could hear the loud crunch of the fresh snow beneath my boots. The soldier led me off the snow covered heliport and through the luckily nearby door The building was warm enough for me unzip my jacket revealing a black turtleneck. "U-umm....the rest of the main team is in there.", he pointed to a door and I nodded.

"Thank you...uh-", I started


"Thank you, Johnny"
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The whole room fell silent and looked at the man, who was now looking at me. I was slightly disappointed, it was just getting good, the wannabe cowboy was just about to yell at Mr gas mask. My blue-green eyes met his deep blue ones.

"Ah, yes, you must be the new member", he spoke with a British accent.

"Yeah, then that means your Liquid Snake, right?", I asked.

He nodded and turned to the others. "This is Phoenix, she'll be joining us in the FOXHOUND unit, with that said, I have work to attend to, I suggest you follow my example", he said mostly directing the last part to the others.

"Yes sir"

"Have fun", he placed his hand on my shoulder and left.

They all turned to look at me. My face dusted with red from embarrassment. The wannabe cowboy walked towards me with his hand extended, I shook it.

"Revolver Ocelot"


The others said their names, well, code names in order.

"Vulcan Raven"

"Psycho Mantis" "Sniper
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Liquid was about to stretch when he heard a faint noise coming from behind him. He ducked down and stuck his hand in his pocket. His hand finally touched what he was looking for. He pulled out a black object and flipped it open. He held the knife in a attacking position, he was unsure if the intruder had seen him. He slowly stood up and his eyes landed on one thing. He folded the rather large pocket knife and stuffed it back in his pocket. His posture was now not as tense, but he wasn't going to let his guard down any time soon. He walked slowly towards the corner of his room. He looked down and found what had made the noise. He folded his arms across his chest and sighed. The new member of his FOXHOUND group was now sleeping in his bed.

"What the bloody hell did Mantis do this time...", he stated rhetorically.

His new recruit turned on her shoulder, towards Liquid in her sleep. There were beads of sweat forming on her forehead and a pained expression on her face, a nightmare. Not uncommon for soldiers, especially the elites. He grabbed his coat and wrapped Phoenix in it, she was also shaking, most likely due to the cold. He then picked up her sleeping form and went to find Ocelot. As soon as Liquid left the room a familiar laugh filled the room, and Mantis seamed to appear out of

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