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  • Role Model As A Part Of Social Learning Theory

    children. The genogram also helps clients and counselors to identify the origins of many trends that families may have. The genogram has helped me to identify the origin of some trends that my family has held, and these will be evaluated throughout this narrative. (Chope, 2005) Research has shown that there are great deals of clergy members who are also children of clergy. In a national sample of clergy, it showed that “10 percent of Protestant clergy were sons or daughters of clergy” (Carroll, 2015). In my denomination, I am a licensed preacher waiting to be on track for ministerial ordination. I am one of the many in my denomination who is taking the journey from the parsonage to the pulpit. Many denominations have more women seeking ordination than men; however, within clergy families this number is different. Amongst protestant denominations, 94 percent of the children of clergy who seek ordination are male and only 6 percent are female. This is one difference between my situation and the realities of most clergy members who are preacher’s children. As stated in my beginning thought process, often individuals choose career choices based on exposure to that career. Preacher’s kids are more involved in the church than non-preachers kids and feel called to ordained ministry earlier than non-preachers kids feel the call to ordained ministry. It is also true that preachers kids are less likely to doubt their choice to go into the ordained ministry There were no reasons…

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  • Can T Women Be Priests

    Ideals, beliefs, and stances have been changing. And as the populations of Catholics throughout the world increases, the number of priests continues to drop. We should allow the ordination of women because some have already been ordained, it’s discriminatory, the Bible never states that a woman can not be a priest, there is currently a lack of priests within the church, and because other churches have women as their head of church. If the church were to allow the ordination of women the number…

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  • Female's Role In The Jesus Movement

    female leadership and ordination during the early church movement; a debate that continues now. Certain Christian denominations today permit female ordination, while other denominations stand firm against female pastors; both use the New Testament to support their stance. When compared to the denominations that do ordain females, denominations that prohibit female ordination lack a fully developed theological foundation for their positions and ignore Scripture supporting female leadership and…

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  • Theravada Buddhist Rituality

    For the Shan people the paui sang long ordination is an important Theravada Buddhist ritual that symbolizes the Gautama Buddha’s path to enlightenment. The Shan ordination takes place every two or three years when they have an appropriate number of boys at a certain age. It cannot be held every year due to the cost and only the wealthy people in the village can afford to sponsor the entire event which is done by a couple like husband and wife. A three day ritual that involves villagers partying,…

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  • Sister Sara Butler's Analysis

    Sister Sara Butler’s article explains that the Magisterium does not discriminate against women on the subject on ordination; rather, the Magisterium has no authority to develop a priestly ordination for women. Butler first starts by outlining the Christian feminist argument towards priestly ordination, which stems from evidence gathered on protestant churches, which during the 1950’s started to ordain women. Using feminist argumentation Butler contends that if women are equal to men in society,…

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  • Poi Sang Long Research Paper

    achieve enlightenment. The ordination would roughly happen every three years or when their is enough boys who are the age of ten and older. “Typically a three-day” ritual, during the months between march and may “just before the rainy season” (Eberhardt, 127). During the ordination period of the next three days the boys hair are completely shaved off and they are dressed and treated like royalty. The celebration is very loud, colourful and full of life, but later on the boys had to changed their…

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  • Sister Sara Butler's Article On The Orientation Of Women

    (1) The purpose of Sister Sara Butler’s article on the ordination of women is to highlight whether the ordination of women is still an issue within the Catholic Church (pp. 1). (2) Citing how the developments of the 1950’s effected how protestant sects of Christianity allowed for the ordination of women, Butler speaks towards reformation of sex bias within Christian religion as the primary reasons towards the debate on the candidacy of women for the priestly office (pp. 3-5). (3) To explain its…

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  • How Does Power Affect A Javelin Throw

    and this is shown in a javelin throw. There are two types of powers, speed-dominated power, which is power generated through a greater emphasis on speed and is essential in activities such as sprinting and throwing which javelin includes. As well as strength-dominated power, which is power generated through a greater emphasis on strength, this is important in the throw of a javelin. In the execution of the throw the arm is pulled rapidly forwards with maximum strength, so most of the strength…

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  • Women's Role In The Catholic Church

    Tradition is very important in the Catholic Church, its practices have not much changed since its origin. This religious body is the largest non-government provider of education and medical services in the world because its teachings emphasize support for the poor and the sick (Agnew, 2010). Despite these teachings, the Catholic Church has been criticized for its antiquated ways; including the way it perceives women. Some of the issues in the church regarding women include its doctrines on…

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  • Totalitarianism In Germany

    According to Crick’s understanding of totalitarianism, the process of ‘co-ordination’ after Hitler became chancellor in 1933, led to the destruction of politics. The process of “co-ordination” consisted of aligning the state according to Nazi principles. It brought the Weimar Republic to an end since it allowed the Nazis to take over several political parties including the Social Democrats, the Communists and the Centre Party. The Nazis also ‘co-ordinated’ other civil society organizations and…

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