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  • Oregon Trail Expansion

    Oregon Trail Introduction: During the 19th century, America started territorial expansion,which evolved the South Oregon area where The United Stated brought from Napoleon. Thus, during these periods, the process of expanding provided a lot of new opportunities for the mass who lived in east to obtain totally new life. Then, Oregon Trail, a key of that expansion was created and named by later generations. Oregon Trail is a legend of American, but it is the truth story. At that time, people who traveled from east to northwest struggled in the trail and enjoyed the new life in the Northwest. This great migration was composed by American’s intelligence, various obstacles, and American’s…

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  • The Importance Of Tax Policy In The United States

    CROSS-BORDER SHOPPING FROM WASHINGTON STATE TO OREGON STATE Introduction Tax policy is one strategy that states have to increase their competitiveness. From the 50 states nationwide, only five states do not impose sales tax or have a 0% sales tax rate; they are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. Without sales tax, people can buy in these five states without spending extra money on tax and they can have extra ‘money’ for saving or spending on other goods. Compared to some other…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Migration To The United States

    Oregon is familiar to my country, because “The Love from Oregon,” Japanese TV drama, was a smash hit. “The Love from Oregon” is a fiction that Japanese Americans grow their own food and exist on that in the wild nature and seek an uncomplicated happiness through their lives under primitive conditions. So when I heard a word Oregon, I pictured the prairie. It seemed to be too rich in nature for me to live. While I clicked several websites, I figured out that my pictures were wrong; real pictures…

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide Introduction

    Physician-Assisted Suicide Introduction Assisted suicide has been a debated topic for many decades now. Oregon was the first state in the union to allow for a physician to write a lethal prescription to end a terminally ill patients life (Volker, 2007). Since that time four other states have followed suite with similar or their own versions of legislation that allows for this type of act. Outside the United States, seven countries allow for some level of physician-assisted suicide. Most of…

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  • An Essay On Oregon's Hazelnuts

    A Oregon has a marvelous agriculture including many crops and animals. Oregon has two main crops; hazelnuts and pears. Hazelnuts are the state nut. Hazelnuts are high in protein and fiber. 95% of America’s hazelnuts are produced in Oregon. Another important crop is the pear, the state’s fruit. Oregon is 2nd in the nation for pear production. Cows are an important part of Oregon’s agriculture. Oregon is in the top five for milk quality. Cows produce 6.5 gallons of milk everyday! Milk is also the…

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide: Article Analysis

    There are currently three states in the United States of America that has legalized euthanasia, one of which is Oregon as reported by Friend (2011). Physician assisted suicide (PAS) or euthanasia is defined as intentional ending of individual’s life chiefly by taking a lethal dose of a substance prescribed by a physician as stated by Friend (2011). Furthermore, Friend (2011) states that dying with dignity, which often means dying without needless physical suffering is one of the protagonists of…

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  • Geography: Space, Place, And Environment

    is the area surrounding it. Place also includes human characteristics. This can be a state to a country, a city, or neighborhood. Portland is a city in the state of Oregon. The environment are the physical attributes and the human interaction of the place. Portland flourishes with physical characteristics like hills, rivers, and trees. Oregon is located in the upper northwest of the United States. Portland is located in the upper west of Oregon. The nearest city to Portland is Salem, which is…

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide Argument Analysis

    There’s a lot of propositions that we could have written about so we had to narrow them down. We chose to do our ballot proposition analysis on proposition 161 which is physician-assisted suicide. We chose to do this proposition because we both remembered being interested in it. We both agreed that it should have passed in more states. We both mentioned remembering from 2014 when a girl named Brittany Maynard shared her story of having inoperable brain cancer. It was on the news a few times and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

    thanatos, which means death (Starr, 2014). There have recently been many debates and attention regarding right to die legislation in the United States. Currently, only six states have laws allowing patients to seek aid when dying, with California governor Jerry Brown signing the bill into law most recently, on October 5th, 2015. In February of 2015, despite dozens of people testifying in the legislative hearings, Colorado lawmakers rejected the bill that would have allowed Colorado residents to…

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  • Assisted Suicide Essay Outline

    Introduction - There is a controversial debate throughout the United States for the last decade regarding physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, many believe having a Doctor prescribe a self-administered lethal drug to a patient is diminishing the value of life. While others believe this method should be the patients’ right to choice when the pain and suffering from a life threatening illness should cease. II. Main Point # 1 - Will Physician- Assisted Suicide, also known as the…

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