Ordinary People

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  • Analysis Of The Movie Ordinary People

    are numerous psychological disorders in the world today, but one that many people face is mood disorder and many people who do not have this disorder usually don’t know what people deal with on a day to day biases. One movie that can show a great example of what it is like having this disorder is the nineteen eighty drama Ordinary People. The plot of the movies goes as such, “tormented by guilt following the death of his older brother, Buck, in a sailing accident, alienated teenager Conrad Jarrett played by Timothy Hutton attempts suicide. Returning home following an extended stay in a psychiatric hospital, Conrad tries to deal with his mental anguish and also reconnect with his mother, Beth portrayed by Mary Tyler Moore, who has grown…

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  • What Are Celebrities Affect Ordinary People?

    Everything that is said, worn, bought, eaten, and even drank by a celebrity, influences an enormous amount of individuals to follow exactly what is being done. The question is why? Why do everyday individuals feel the need to copy and mimic those who strive tremendously in the superstar category? The answer to that is simple, insecurity. Ordinary people, such as myself, encounter uncertainties and doubts about one self. We each undergo a tornado of what ifs; what if this looks weird on me,…

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  • Ordinary People: Movie Analysis: Ordinary People

    In the movie Ordinary People, Beth and Calvin Jarrett deal with the accidental death of their son Buck and the survival of their other son Conrad, who subsequently attempts to commit suicide because he blames himself for Buck’s death. Upon returning home from the psychiatric hospital where Conrad has spent the past four months, Conrad struggles to heal from these tragedies, but feels alienated and therefore seeks the help of a therapist. His mother is cold and seemingly unaffected, and his…

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  • Anxiety And Failure In Ordinary People By Judith Guest

    “Conrad Jarrett the anxious failure dress this guy in blue and grey”. (Guest 2). Is one of the very first lines that tells you more about Conrad and how he feels about himself. Throughout the book Ordinary People by Judith Guest, we learn more about Conrad and how things affect him such as the colors blue and grey, which represent anxiety and failure. At first anxiety and failure rule over his life but throughout his journey of life something changes. We learn how death and sex impact how he…

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  • Ordinary People Relationships

    Drew Greene Ordinary People In the book, Ordinary People there are a lot of people who have a relationship with Conrad. A relationship that I have experienced in my own life is the friendship between Conrad and Karen. The two characters met in the hospital after both tried to take their own lives. Throughout their time spent in the hospital, they built a relationship based on their common weakness. Their relationship grew through conversation and encouragement. They had a relationship…

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  • Ordinary People Analysis

    In the movie Ordinary People, the main character, Conrad Jarrett, suffers from what appears to be either Major Depression or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The diagnostic criteria for Major Depression in the DSM-5 is: depressed mood most of the day, diminished interest or pleasure in most activities, significant weight loss when not dieting, insomnia, psychomotor retardation, fatigue or loss of energy, feeling of worthlessness, diminished ability to concentrate, and recurrent thoughts of death…

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  • Ordinary People Reflection

    The following reflection analysis will describe the crises in the Jarret Family, taken from the film, “Ordinary People.” After the death of their older son Jordan “Buck” in a sailing accident and the subsequent suicide attempt by their younger son Conrad, the family goes through countless difficulties and emotional instabilities. The Jarret Family before the death of their son Buck were living comfortably and exultant. They were an upper-middle-class White Angle-Saxon Protestant family. Conrad…

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  • Conflict In Ordinary People

    Conflict Management The Academy Award winning film Ordinary People shows various ways on how the Jarrett family struggles with Conflict Management. The Jarrett Family includes, Conrad, Beth, Calvin, and Buck, their son who passed from a boating accident. Each individual family member struggles with their own personal conflicts. CONRAD: Conrad Jarrett, the youngest son of Beth and Calvin Jarrett. Conrad is the Protagonist in this movie he struggles mentally with the death of…

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  • Ordinary People Essay

    In the movie Ordinary People, an Academy Award winning film, the focus is on the Jarrett family. The family is completely broken and they do not even realize it. There is a lot of avoidance when it comes to important topics that need to be discussed. The members of the Jarrett family always practice silence or even violence; practically subconsciously. Conflict management could have been used to establish a human connection and help each other heal. Conrad Jarrett always puts on an act to…

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  • Ordinary People In The Elevator

    Background information: It’s the year 2015.Marshal McLuhan, Stuart Hall, and Donna Haraway are the only people in an elevator. They know each other, but are not exactly friends. As they are descending, the elevator suddenly stops working and gets stuck. The time starts to pass and a conversation between them starts to ensue. McLuhan: ...It’s ironic really. The elevator: invented and designed to assist handicapped people, and make travelling between floors more efficient. Instead here we are:…

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