Example Of Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive Self-Assessment
Throughout the semester I learned a lot about public speech and communication in general. At the beginning of the semester I was not sure what to expect from the class. I did not know where I stood as a public speaker but now after taking the class I can see a big difference in my communication skill. I feel a lot more confident now then at the beginning of the class. Looking back at my first speech, there were a lot to be learned. First, I did not have many sources on the speech, and although it was an informative speech, it seems like I lacked credibility because of having less people to refer to. It almost looks like as if I was giving my own opinion about the MOOC. Also, sometimes I got paused during the speech. For that reason, I said “ah” many times throughout the speech. Because it was my first ever speech in a classroom, I was quite nervous. During the entire speech, I was thinking how I was going to say everything in less than 5 minutes. While I am not an anxious person, I was quite worried during the presentation. One of the things I did well was having my volume pace level throughout the speech. I
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I had learned from my previous experiences and had included many sources in my speech. The argument was very strong because I cited many experts that suggested the same thing; schools should start later in the day because adolescents tends to sleep late. This time, all the sources were there, as well as the novelty. This is an important public health issues that has been ignored for decades. However, there was a problem in my delivery. Although, I had practiced for a long time, I was unable to deliver the speech the way I wanted it to be delivered. I started the speech with a nice introduction, but as I moved toward the speech I simply spoke. There was no emotion involved, and while the speech itself was very intriguing the lack of exciting atmosphere made it look

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