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  • Alexander The Great And Persuasion Essay

    The Campaigns of Alexander the Great by Arrian is easily comparable to The Funeral Oration of Pericles by Thucydides since these two primary sources exemplify the maximum power of the pre-Roman leaders in antiquity. Alexander the Great and Pericles both had complete authority and admiration of their men, but both likewise encountered troubling periods amongst their men. In the case of Alexander, his kinsmen were far from home, and were questioning why they persisted to fight under, and with, Alexander. Pericles’s people doubted anything they might accomplish about the war in Peloponnese. Throughout their speeches, they possessed the aptitude to persuade. However, Persuasion is the weapon of the orator as the sword is the weapon of the warrior, luckily Alexander happened to possess both. Utilizing propaganda at the first mass funeral of the Peloponnesian war was inappropriate, but in a way, necessary to keep the Athenian citizens from breaking down. When Alexander spoke his words of persuasion, he strategized the finest technique was to enlighten all of his men. Explaining all he, and his father, had done for them. Ergo, Alexander’s technique was marginally more forward with his warriors. Both discuss the influence of their ancestors on the current society and both agree that war in necessary. Notwithstanding, on another level they are different since Alexander’s men were warriors, Pericles’s men were citizens of the state, and they are also different because Pericles focuses…

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  • Sisyphus And Athenes Similarities

    In the stories of Demosthenes and Sisyphus, the characters had a few similarities relating to their determination towards a certain goal; they also had quite a bit of differences. They both had a goal, yes, but the way it is conquered isn’t so similar. Sisyphus was manipulative and selfish, but he cared deeply for his people. He angered Zeus in trade for a fresh spring for his land, knowing the consequences would be severe. Hades was requested to punish Sisyphus, but failed to do so when…

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  • Ender's Game Literary Analysis

    possible names and attributes of the column, it appears as, “[t]hey were obvious pseudonyms, but that was part of the plan…[p]eople may be shocked that Demosthenes and Locke are two kids, but they’ll already be used to listening to us” (Card 134). Valentine deceives the government, along with society by disguising her “true” identity, and Card utilizes Demontheses, who deceives society’s foundational beliefs by acting as Valentine’s pawn. Demontheses, Valentine’s treachery method, explores the…

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  • The Symbolism Of Valentine In Ender's Game

    being threatened by Peter, Valentine was smart enough to say this to Peter because she knew, logically, that it would make no sense if Peter went through with his plans to hurt his siblings. Another example that shows Valentine’s intelligence and maturity is located on page 233, “This time Val had grown up enough to know just how much danger the world was in. And she had been Demosthenes long enough that she didn’t hesitate to do her duty.” Once again, despite that fact that she is still very…

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  • Locke Character Analysis

    Only a few benefits in this world are more sought after than money, power is one. With enough power, any person, bright or dull, rich or poor, can change the world to their liking. In the book, Ender’s Game, Locke and Demosthenes are good examples of how individuals acquire power efficiently and use power effectively to make the world a better place. Even though Peter, also known as Locke, and Valentine, also known as Demosthenes, of Ender’s Game are young…

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  • Genocide By Raphael Lemkin Summary

    the government is to ensure that individuals continue to have control over their own personal rights. 4. What was Locke’s relationship to Anthony Ashley Cooper? Locke was Anthony Ashley Cooper’s personal physician and advisor. Locke also followed Cooper as he fled to Netherlands after being acquitted of treason charges. Demosthenes 1. What events made Demosthenes early life difficult? What obstacle did he have to overcome? At age seven, Demosthenes was orphaned and was placed with new…

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  • Compare And Contrast Ender's Game Movie Vs Book

    different kid after he gets to battle school; however this is not shown in the movie. Another difference would be how Lock and Demosthenes were not mentioned at all in the movie, yet had a huge role in the book, and the final would be the endings for both the movie and book as well as Enders reaction to what’s going on in the end. These three reasons show how the movie is very different from the book. When comparing Ender in both the novel and movie he was shown as a very different…

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  • Ender's Game Valentine Character Analysis

    deception for the characters. Peter uses words and information as ammunition in his conspirary to control the world. With Val's help they can "say the words that everyone else will be saying," as they build "intellectual respect" to "shape events." Here the author higlights the strength of their words to shape people's beliefs through Peter's persuasive dialouge with Valentine. With words as their ammunition, Peter will be able to gain control of his desire through non-violent means. Here we…

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  • Ender's Game Movie Vs Book Analysis

    another. With this said, Ender is in the Dragon Army in the book as well as in the film. Generally speaking, all of the characters were identical more or less. The main characters Ender, Valentine, and Colonel Graff are all described and shown in the same way. Looking at one small detail, both the movie and the book had the scene where Ender fought Bonzo in the shower/locker room. They were written and filmed in the same order as well as showing how things occurred during that time. There were…

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  • Venus Of Willendorf Research Paper

    Nefertiti has realistic features but her neck and a few other features were exaggerated to show her elegance and make her meet the standards of beauty at the time. This is an example of portraiture portraying someone in a way that makes him or her look idealized instead of how they really are. Another aspect of portraiture is the clothing and accessories the subject is wearing and this is a great example; Nefertiti is wearing a large headpiece and an elegant necklace (or top of her clothing).…

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