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  • Viet Cong Research Paper

    The Viet Cong: America’s Nightmare The United States has been known as one the world’s greatest powers. The U.S. has earned this title from its strong government, strong economy, technological advances, and it’s strong military. The U.S. is not known to “lose” many of the wars and battles, we have taken part in. Our military is one of the greatest in the world, and is feared by many smaller army units. One military group that didn’t fear the U.S. and stood up against us, is the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong was a guerilla group that fought against South Vietnam and the United States during the Vietnam War. With the support of North Vietnamese forces, the Viet Cong would “strike from the shadows” and compete in acts of guerilla warfare. That…

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  • Viet Cong Significance

    Zackary Kelly and Jesse Shaffer Mr. Kauffman The 60’s 11/10/14 Viet Cong The Viet Cong was the most known group of the 1960’s. Almost every American that knew about the war knew we were fighting the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong was a deadly communism group that was said to be heartless and was able to secure us in a deadly war for many years. So do you know who the Viet Cong are? Well here is more about Viet Cong. The origin of the Viet Cong was set back in 1954 according to the Geneva Accords.…

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  • The Influence Of The Tet Offensive In Vietnam

    “We won the Tet Offensive. We decimated the Viet Cong. And our wonderful press made us losers. It was right at that point in time, I think, that the press fully turned on the war in Vietnam and started not necessarily generating news, but generating opinions. Because we decimated the Viet Cong during Tet. We decimated the North Vietnamese Army during Tet. Had we pressed the advantage the turnout would have been different. But when you are fighting a war based on politics, stuff happens.(Pritzker…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Vietnam

    We always called Bui the little wanderer because his mind would drift and he said his feet would follow. Never did we expect to this to happen because of it. He had managed to wander into one of the traps for the Republican soldiers that were set by the Viet Cong and he stepped on a land mine. This was not too far from our home, so I could hear the explosion but I thought nothing of it until we were informed later that day. Up to that day my family and I were avid supporters of the Viet Cong and…

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  • Across The Universe Analysis

    and show a different side of the sixties through the lense of the Beatles. Even though it does accomplish this, the movie contains animation and songs that make it more psychedelic than realistic. While its central themes incorporate aspects of the Vietnam war and life in the sixties, its alternative style distracts from the historical features of the film, but even though it is not completely accurate Across the Universe does contain some historical aspects. The Vietnam war began in 1954 and…

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  • Analysis: The Bertuli Story

    imagine what Leonard went through. Walking into an unknown jungle, it is sunny and the middle of the summer in Vietnam. In the distance Leonard could hear the gunshots and bombs exploding. The smell of fresh gunpowder lingered through the air as platoons of men fell into their position. Leonard and his men wandered through the jungle looking for anything they can see, politically correct way the government said it to the public was “search and destroy” but to Leonard and his men it was “find…

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  • Irony In The Things They Carried

    be exploring his own life from different angles that combine facts and invented details” (Herzog 117). Compared to his previous title Going After Cacciato, scholars view this set of short stories to go beyond the horrors of fighting to examine the nature of courage and fear by questioning the role imagination plays on one 's memory (Harris 138). My views on how O’Brien’s storytelling is effected by his past are very similar to scholars. We both observe his narration throughout the book as being…

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  • Land Clearance Engineers In Vietnam

    built bridges was security. The Viet Cong would sneak under the cover of darkness and place satchel charges and destroy parts or the entire bridge. This would set back future construction of other bridge projects. Plans were implemented to detour the Viet Cong from destroying the bridges. Some of the ideas bridge lighting systems, Anti swimmer devices like the mine boom. “A low-cost, highly flexible flotation system known as a floating catwalk was designed to function in regions with extreme…

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  • Character Analysis Of If I Die In A Combat Zone 'By Tim O' Brien

    But sometimes there were moments of peace and quiet for example, when O’Brien and the Alpha Company stayed in villages by the beach with friendly Vietnamese people. In some villages O’Brien and his comrades had good relationship with the locals and there we see the children bringing food to the soldiers. Although, even in those instances the soldier had to be aware of the possible attacks by the Viet Cong or as the author names them “ol’ Charlie”. When scouting through a village, soldiers…

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  • Camouflaging The Chimera Analysis

    understanding of the experience the soldiers had during the war. However, they differ as they contain a different mood which changes the feeling that the reader gains from the poems. These aspects unify the poems while also highlighting their distinct differences. The word chimera derives from Greek mythology, which describes a monster that breathes fire, contains a dragon’s head, a goat’s body, and a snake’s tail. These different components of the chimera are used to describe the American…

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