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  • Linh Nguyen: My Favorite Nail Technician In Richmond, Virginia

    offered her a cough drop on several occasions but she has never accepted one because she prefers her special tea. The other area where she experienced some negativity involves institutions of authority such as the police. Tina stated that, “Police and not good people” and I until recently I would have disagreed with her. She has told my family about instances where they were stopped by the police in Vietnam and they were asked for money to get out of the trouble. She even feared calling tax authorities about her taxes and asked my mother to go with her to meet them. She was scared which my mother could not understand because she had all of the proper…

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  • Reflection On My Childhood In Vietnam

    One fall evening, my father and I went to eat a local Vietnamese restaurant. During dinner, I decided to interview him about his experience in the Vietnamese l culture. I interviewed him because he could offer a unique perspective. You see, my father left Vietnam in 1979 at the age of 19 to escape fighting for the Communist party. As such, his life experience includes a multitude of cultures; French-Vietnamese, Communist, and American. As our conversation evolved, we spoke of pre and…

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  • Vietnamese Culture

    According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the Vietnamese population alone consists of 1,548,449 individuals. They are the fourth largest among the Asian population; an increase of 37.9% compared with the total Asian population growth at 43.2%. Although over half of the Vietnamese live in the west region of the United States; between 2000 and 2010, the South had experienced the largest percentage growth in Vietnamese population, by 34.1% (2010 U.S. Census). As the fifth most populous county in Florida,…

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  • Hearts And Minds Vietnam Analysis

    soldiers and government officials juxtaposed with footage of the carnage in Vietnam strikingly demonstrated just how extreme the disconnect between American’s perception of what was happening in Vietnam and the lived experiences of the Vietnamese people was. The American public perceived the conflict as a war against communism that must be fought by the U.S, as we are the only ones capable of winning the fight, without every taking into account the horrors they were inflicting on innocent…

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  • Analysis Of Nick Turse's Essay 'Kill Anything That Moves'

    reason. On page 110, Caputo, who was a young marine officer in 1965, received instruction that the Vietnamese were not to be fired upon unless they were running. He continues to talk about the Vietnamese man who ran away from the American patrol and how he just shot him and killed him for running. Just like many officers have said in Vietnam, they need to assume if they are Vietnamese then they are associated with the…

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  • Perfume Dreams: Reflection On The Vietnamese Diaspora

    Andrew Lam’s book, Perfume Dreams: Reflection on the Vietnamese Diaspora, is a collection of personal essays that documents Lam’s quest and struggle in finding the right identity as a Vietnamese American. At the age of 11, Lam fled with his family to America, during the ending years of the Vietnam War, as war refugees. This sudden exposure to a new environment, tore Lam’s past perception of who he was , created the identity dilemma that Lam struggled through his lifetime. Throughout the book,…

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  • Review Of Lieutenant Philip Caputo's A Rumor Of War

    Viet Cong, but others by marines. This book “does not pretend to be history” (xiii) because it does not have to. It is not an adventure book written so the good guy always wins. History is told by the people who were involved in the event and Philip Caputo was a marine in Vietnam. A Rumor of War shows what marines went through in Vietnam through the first hand account of Lieutenant Philip J. Caputo. Lieutenant Philip J. Caputo’s story gives the world an inside point of view on the Vietnam War.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Vietnam

    finding out where you worked and decided to contact you specifically. The two part being is that I have recently watched a documentary called “Regret to Inform”. I am sure that, as a history teacher, you have seen this heart wrenching documentary about a woman whose husband died during the American War, or the Vietnam War as you call it, and how she contacted other women and also told their stories. The second reason is that one day when I was so kindly helping a tourist find their way around, I…

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  • The Effect Of Agent Orange On The Vietnamese People

    off against communist Vietnam, the United States began to encounter problems in Vietnam with the Vietcong, the Vietnamese communist soldiers. The Vietcong used a style of fighting known as guerilla warfare, this means that tactics such as ambushes, blitz attacks, and booby traps were used to defeat their enemy. This worked because normally fighting would go on in dense jungle areas that the Viet Cong knew well. The United…

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  • Personal Narrative: When My Father's Life

    He read the army literature about the war which stated that because of SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) it was America’s duty to go help the South Vietnamese people. They felt they were bound by their obligation to stop the spread of Communism to Southeast Asia. This gave my father a sense of duty and the belief that he was doing what his country needed him to do. His experiences taught him to never take his life for granted. Being in such an extreme situation made him value his…

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