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  • Major Problems In The History Of The Vietnam War By Robert J. Mcmahon

    The Vietnam War The Vietnam war was the first war that the United States of America lost. This war was one of the bloodiest that the United States had fought since the civil war. A total of around fifty-eight thousand Americans were killed, three hundred fifty thousand were wounded, and two thousand were captured as Prisoners of War. The Vietnam War was utterly devastating for our troops and potentially for our country. Robert J.McMahon states in his book, Major Problems in the History of the Vietnam War, that the U.S. can’t “remain great if it betrays its allies and lets down its friend” (449). Most think that the only aspect of the war that hurt America was the physical devastation. This war also took its toll on many of the surviving veteran’s minds. In day to day life for many American people, the Vietnam War is long over. However, the people that were in the war, it is long from being done and gone.There are a number of mental disorders that plague the veterans of the Vietnam War. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Shell Shock, and Depression, just to name a few ( “The Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War” Stanford.edu). To understand why these mental issues came about in the veterans, some background on the war is needed. It 's…

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  • Enheduanna In Ancient Sumeria

    is believed that if the sisters had not resisted the Chinese when they did, there would be no Vietnamese nation today. Trieu Thi Trinh (Jeu Tea Chin) (225-245): Trieu Thi Trinh was warrior in 3rd century Vietnam against the invading forces of the Chinese state of Eastern Wu. Her story has been glorified by Vietnamese tradition and stories, and she is sometimes referred to as “The Vietnamese Joan of Arc”, though she lived long before Joan of Arc’s time. She grew up as an orphaned child in…

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  • Role Of Pollution In Vietnam

    historical, economical, environmental and political, and compared to other countries, in this case Vietnam, a decision can be made about whether this quote is true…

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  • David Lamb's Vietnam, Now

    In the book titled “Vietnam, Now” by David Lamb, he takes a very comprehensive and impressive look at Vietnam present day, and gives the readers a great historical understanding as well. According to Lamb centuries of war and conflict helped to shape the Vietnamese people and their character in many vast arrays. Right from the beginning Lamb introduces us to a neighbor he had in the past while staying in Vietnam, Mai Van On. Mai Van On was then 80 years old when Lamb traveled back to Vietnam to…

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  • Vietnam French Influence

    Despite Vietnam being considered a developing country, the CIA released an estimate that over 93% of the total population, 15 years or older, can both read and write ("Field Listing :: Literacy"). Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia that lies on the eastern border of the Indochina. The relations between Vietnam and France began as early as the 18th century. But the French officially formed French Indochina in October 1887 which included current day Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. With the French…

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  • Life During The Vietnam War

    Was the Vietnam War worth it? This was a question asked by many young men being drafted into the United States military to fight in the war through 1959-1975. After the men were drafted, they faced many struggles through basic training, but unfortunately, it was only the beginning of a long list of trials. One of the first trials the soldiers would experience was extreme change in climate and adapting to the rough terrain. Second, was navigating through the jungle, avoiding the…

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  • An Analysis Of Facing It By Yusef Kounyakaa

    War; it is terrifying, destructive and deadly. Once the dust settles, what most of society doesn’t see, is the war remaining within. From civilians to soldiers, there is an internal battle that has been going on forever. The Vietnam Memorial in Washington is a tribute to thousands of fallen soldiers from the Vietnam War. People from all around the world visit the wall. For a portion of visitors, it is simply a memorial and for others, it is a haunting reminder of the past. Yusef Komunyakaa’s…

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  • Hearts And Minds Vietnam Analysis

    Hearts and Minds shed a fresh and frankly horrifying light on the atrocities committed by Americans during the Vietnam War. The interviews with soldiers and government officials juxtaposed with footage of the carnage in Vietnam strikingly demonstrated just how extreme the disconnect between American’s perception of what was happening in Vietnam and the lived experiences of the Vietnamese people was. The American public perceived the conflict as a war against communism that must be fought by the…

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  • The Vietnam Generation Summary

    The Vietnam was an unusual time for the Americans. It was not really agreed upon by all the citizens to go to war with Vietnam. Not all the people agreed with all the decisions whether it is the tactics that were used or all the deaths that occurred. As Young points out in her article, she talks about how terrible the conditions were and its after effects that it has had on those that served (515). She also discusses how it is hard to imagine what happened. It might be due to the fact of…

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  • Importance Of Nationalism In Vietnam

    The strategic implementation of nationalism in Vietnam was heavily effectuated in order to attain independence from French colonialism and imperialism. Utilising nationalism, the encompassment of uniting the spirit and aspirations of those that are communal to the whole nation; Ho Chi Minh is the most prominent and successful figure in creating a sense of national identity for the Vietnamese. From the duration of 1945 to 1954, the landscape of Vietnam under French imperialism were detrimental to…

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