History of Vietnam

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  • Mexican Culture Interview Report

    I was thinking about the movie “Conquest of Paradise”. In this movie, Christopher Columbus came to South America, he brought many monks with him to convert people in South America into Christianity. In my country, Christianity entered into Vietnam when Vietnam was a France colony. Then, I…

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  • Punic Wars Essay

    The wars scarred and bruised the land, almost nothing left of what was once a mighty kingdom. Stones to pebbles, Wood to ash, houses flattened, temples brutally pillaged and destroyed. What had happened to this place it was once a land of gold and trade, but only bodies and fire remain. Ancient Battles Two of the most fierce empires in the ancient world, would soon clash together. This clash was called the Punic wars or the Carthaginian Wars. It was called the Punic Wars because Punic is part…

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  • Westward Expansion: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    In the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Louisiana territory was the last remaining obstacle for U.S. expansion against the British. But suddenly, America had a new problem: France. During his reign as the French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte controlled the Louisiana territory and he wasn’t planning on giving it up, however, he eventually had to abandon his imperial plans in America. His attention shifted to a French colony that was revolting in Haiti, led by François Dominique Toussaint,…

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  • Hearts And Minds: An Analysis

    people were exposed to the atrocities and savagery that was happening across the sea in Vietnam, the people of the United States began to realize how wrong the war really was. Soldiers would even refuse to report to their service and at one point “there were 33,960 delinquents nationwide” (Zinn, 476). In addition, as veterans of the war came home they began to protest the war forming the Veterans against Vietnam, because as Robert Mason said in “Chickenhawk,” “sleep no longer gave…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Agent Orange

    and frail, and the family risked starvation and poverty. What happened? The answer was simple, Agent Orange. During the Vietnam War, new chemicals called defoliants were being used as a tactic for military purposes. One of the most common defoliants used was called Agent Orange. These defoliants were used as harmful chemical herbicides to denature the trees and the land of Vietnam and Laos from 1961 to 1972. Agent Orange had a large impact environmentally and medically creating a burden that…

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  • Realism And Colonialism In The Quiet American By Graham Greene

    The Quiet American by Graham Greene Graham Greene’s fascinating novel The Quiet American is about two men who fall in love with the same women in Vietnam during the French and Indochina War. The protagonist, Thomas Fowler, and another English journalist, Alden Pyle, both shared a love for Phuong. The author of this novel, Graham Greene, wrote many stories that dealt with American and English involvement in foreign wars. Being born in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire, England, Graham suffered from…

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  • Agent Orange In Vietnam

    Agent Orange Having spent 10 weeks in Vietnam, I felt a personal connection to Agent Orange as well as the effects it had on the country. This connection is what motivated my research and my desire to bring attention to the subject. Agent Orange was an herbicide used during the Vietnam War in the 1960s. It was used by the United States military who intended to gain an advantage in the war by spraying the chemical over the dense jungles of Vietnam. The military hoped that this would deprive the…

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  • Summary Of The Song 'Ohio'

    resistance against the Vietnam War in the public’s eye. The Soldiers and What They had to Endure: There is no single Vietnam experience among veterans of the war. I will try to give a small glimpse of what life could’ve been for you in Vietnam as a grunt. Remember, that is a person who is in the infantry. These people were generally in the thick of things and took the brunt of casualties. It is important to understand that there were many other military positions in Vietnam besides being a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cambodian Labor Camps

    to come to the United States. The U.S had a better economy for them an could take care of their citizens. The Cambodians came to the U.S for many reasons. The came to the United states because they had a stable economy. Back in Cambodia, after the Vietnam War the economy was down. People were loosing jobs left an right an families didn't have enough money to support themselves an their families. The U.S proved that the economy was stable an they had more job…

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  • Vietnam Boat People Crisis Analysis

    The Vietnam War is often seen as one of the most problematic wars in American history coupled with one of the largest exoduses of refugees. Beginning in late 1955, the Vietnam War was not just against communism but also a war to suppress nationalist self-determination. The United States took part in the war by aiding the dictatorial regime in South Vietnam in the name of protecting democracy. However, the South Vietnamese government…

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