What Caused The Vietnam War Essay

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What Really Caused the Vietnam War
The Vietnam War is credited as one of the most momentous events to have taken place with American Forces on Foreign Soil. From movies, such as “Forrest Gump” to “Platoon,” the Vietnam War still resonates in American Society. This prevalence lets Americans question and recall the events of the Vietnam War, but most importantly brings up the question: what was the cause of the Vietnam War? The Vietnam War is said to have started because the US did not want any further spreading of communism. Although this is true, the Vietnam War is rooted in events that took place before direct US involvement, that would later on become and create what is known as the Vietnam War.
Assessing the events that took place prior to November 1st, 1955, proves that Americans interference was not the only cause of the Vietnam War. Rather, many events pilled up and its collapse would become the cause of one of the most bloodiest battles in history. The start of these events would take place in 1858. During this time, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia would be called Indochina, a union governed by French power. This French Power would seek control to gain resources from these states, which would keep French factories bountiful in consumer markets, resources, and materials. Ultimately, France could be blamed for the Vietnam
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First, it would be an expensive war, costing a lot of money and a lot of lives. Second, it would strengthen executive power in the United States by allowing President Truman to declare war without a declaration. Lastly, it would set the stage up for US involvement in Vietnam. It would push the United States to not get further involved unless they could prevent a communist victory, and the United States would make a difference as a part of a larger coalition. The United States would continue to support the

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