History of Vietnam

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  • Revenge In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    can undergo due to life-changing events. In his story, “Speaking of Courage” and “Notes”he tells of a man trying to readjust to life after the Vietnam War. In another story, “Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong,” the transformation of a…

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  • The Man I Killed By Tim O Brien

    in My Khe by O’Brien himself in the chapter “The Man I Killed”. The extreme remorse has him so obsessed on the life of his victim that his own existence in the story as character and narrator disappears. O 'Brien was a young solider in the Vietnam War, fighting against the communism. He has wrote the book about his personal involvements as a solider. Introspective of his recollection of the truth and an insecure investigation of the techniques and reasons behind it all. The narrator is…

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  • Vietnamese New Year: Good Luck Or Bad Luck

    onto Earth. Guan Yin, the goddess of mercy, felt sorry for the lion and came to Earth to help it. She tied its head back onto its body with an enchanted ribbon that would protect the lion and scare away evil spirits. This story has made its way to Vietnam, where the Lion Dance is performed yearly during Tet. Since it is said that the enchanted ribbon used to tie the lion together had magical properties, the dancing of the lion is believed to frighten away bad spirits and give good luck. Along…

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  • Hybridity In Vietnam

    The Hybridity of Vietnam and American In the United States, there are nearly 41 million immigrants in 2012 (Nwosu). When people come into a new country, they will have their own culture, and it can change after time is passed over, but it is not completely change. It just meshes with another culture. According to the book, “East Eat West”, by Andrew Lam, he said, “the theme of hybridity is central to a global society, and a large part of that entails accommodating one’s tongue to the…

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  • Theme Of Communism In Paradise Of The Blind

    where communism had overthrown the French rule in Vietnam. As a teenager in the mid-1960, she joined the Communist Party, serving as the leader of a Communist youth brigade. In the early 1980’s, there was a major shift in her temperament and beliefs about the role of Communism in her country and was expelled from the Vietnamese Communist Party in 1989. Huong’s novel included criticism of the communist government and was banned to be published in Vietnam. In Huong’s Paradise of the Blind, she…

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  • Rafael Correa Research Paper

    For the past ten years Ecuador was ruled by Rafael Correa who constantly was taking away the rights of his citizens. He denied his constituents free speech and attacked those who spoke out against him. He also limited health care and had terrible prison conditions. Even though Correa treated his people poorly he was still very much loved. Before he stepped down as president in May of 2017 he was still popular with a 50% approval rating (https://tinyurl.com/y9txapoe). Correa decided to step down…

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  • Mylinh Reflection

    keep people in line, her parents went to the extent to ensure their finances from the government. According to the BBC, “Vietnam, is a one-party Communist state…” meaning there is only one political party. The laws that were established in Mylinh’s country are to contain people and keep them in line, they are much stricter than it is in America. Some laws, America and Vietnam can agree on, such as prostitution and illegal drugs. These are two offenses which can result in some serious jail time…

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  • The Importance Of Women Strike For Peace (WSP)

    To be able to do this it was a two-step process; WSP had to realize their political influence before recognizing the political influence of women everywhere. Vietnam War was a big part of this phase, the women could raise a unified voice against the war. On January 15, 1962 was another strike and it was international strike, this one was organized like the strike before in November; just bigger, covered more…

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  • Continental Hotel Case Study

    during their colonial period in Vietnam (Asia Life Magazine, 2013). The hotel’s name was taken after the one in Paris, with all of the architectural and structural styles remaining the breath of Europe until these days. Located in the most crowded area in Saigon, District 1, Continental Hotel has recently been revitalized by the local authority,…

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  • Therapy Of The Vietnam War In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    Therapy of the Vietnam War In the book “The Things They Carried,” Tim O’Brien describes his and others experiences during and after the Vietnam War. (1) O’Brien tells this story to explain the different ways that troops were able to cope with the killing, death, and changes that went on during the war so that they could continue fighting. (2) O’Brien included many first hand accounts of the different ways the troops coped with the experiences they had during the war and when they returned to…

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