America Shouldn 't Aid The Spread Of Democracy

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America shouldn’t aid the spread of democracy. Pushing pushing democracy onto another country is no different the pushing communism. Both are ideologies about how to make a free society but neither are universally applicable. Given that democracy has worked out great for The United States of America and liked minded countries, while communism has had its troubles, my core issue lies with the inconsistent results and the various fall outs that come with branding ourselves as crusaders of democracy. The US has been unsuccessful in reordering governments to fit a democratic system. By being so aggressive to those who oppose the concept of democracy we breed hostility. When attempting to bring freedom to the people in the form of democracy, we can be single minded. The example used were both born from the Red Scare. The Red Scare allows us to look at what happens when the United States feel democracy is being threatened and

The korean war is a prime example of the hostility that making an unwavering stance can produce. The Korean war started on June 25, 1950 and lasted for three years. The korean war rose out a division in ideologies. After the Japanese surrendered during World War II, Korea was divided between the USA and the Soviets along the 38th parallel. South Korea became a nation with a free market, while North Korea became a communist state. The president of North Korea Kim Il-sung, who is considered the founder of the North Korea’s Communist government, was thought to

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