Effects Of The Truman Involvement In The Korean War

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In the United States one of the big factors as to the reason America become involved the the Korean war was due to the Truman Doctrine. President Truman being fearful of the spread of communism created the Truman Doctrine. To guarantee that the U.S would support countries fighting against communism. This affected America negatively since they need to support South Korea in fighting the North. Which left the American economy in worse shape then it was. As president Truman need to increase military spending and to create new plan of actions to end the war. The U.S was not prepared to help aid Korea financially and with their own military, especially with the end of WW II. One of the ways he would do this is by creating treaties to bring peace to North Korea and South Korea. After the end of the Korean war the American military budget had increased all the way to 50 billion dollars. For the American citizens who were finally having their …show more content…
Vietnam under the rule of the French colony. Then during WW II Japan invaded the French colonies and took control, but then gave the colonies back to the French after they lost WW II. With the Vietnamese fed up with not having their own independent nation but being under the control of a different nation, a man named Ho Chi Minh decided to fight against this. Minh created a Vietnam Independence League called the Viet Minh. The leader being Ho Chi Minh wanting to bring Vietnam into a communist nation under his leadership. The French were willing to have Vietnam as a free state under the French but the Vietnamese didn’t accept this. Soon war broke out for the Vietnamese to fight to be an independent nation. Both China and the Soviet Union accepted the communist Viet Minh. Ultimately Vietnam split into two at the 17th parallel, becoming North Vietnam and South

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