North Korean War Effects

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On June 25 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea igniting the second major conflict on the Asian continent in five years. The Korean War was a result of many ripple effects that involved World War II and the democracy of the United States and the communism of the Russian country. This thus became a representation war between two distinct ideals from two powerful nations to assert their influences in strategic regions. The Immediate result, was of the North Korea trespassing over the 38 parallel border dividing South Korea established by the US and Russia.
The partition of Korea was decided on a conference that involved the Allies in 1945, named Potsdam conference. There an agreement commenced to split Korea into two areas, with the border
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So the Korean country could be united again under one form of government, this turned out to be a failure. The Soviet Union prohibited the United Nations supervised elections that were on South Korea and there was no control of the elections in North Korea by the United Nations. In a result, on May 10, 1948 the South elected Syngman Rhee as president establishing the Republic of Korea. North Korea on the other hand elected Kim II-Sung as prime minister, thus declared the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. As a result this created North Korea permanently communist and South Korea pro-western state which made two separate states to establish (Richards, …show more content…
Their invading intentions were to remove any Syngman supporters or pro-westerners. The North Koreans advanced all the way to the Tsushima Strait. United’s States issued a report called NSC-68 and presented it to the United Nations. Which was approved, then commence to try to establish peace against communist regimes. Conditions were poor and U.S troops had a very hard time pushing back the North Koreans. Soldiers affiliated with U.S were poorly trained, also they did not have any good strategy of pushing the North Koreans out of the south. Extreme weather conditions combined with difficult terrain complicated any plan of strategic advancement. In mid-September the United States decided to use its advance weapons to push the North Koreans out of the South. In combination with that 10,000 marine troop were landed to aid in the fight, which was a success in pushing the enemy up towards the 38 parallel (Richards, Adam).
Nothing came out of that war, both sides had immense casualties Korea also suffered many deaths on both North and South sides. Armistice was declared on July 27, 1953 ending the war in Korea. Neither country could make the other to submit to their will of their political agenda which made them both realize that a truce would be the only solution. The conflict, though has remained even to this day with many clashes and incidents

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