The Pueblo Incident Essay

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During the cold, gray morning of January 5th, 1968 the USS Pueblo sent sail from U.S. Navy base in Yokosuka, Japan to Korean ports to monitor and collect data on North Korean and Soviet electronic communications including but not limited to radar, sonar, radio signals and possible naval activity. A short eighteen days later the 176-foot-long ship Navy intelligence vessel would come under attack by North Korean forces, leaving one for dead and several others wounded. This event would later be called the Pueblo Incident if one could remember such a ship that set sail to complete its first and only mission. The crew of eighty-three men along with Commander Lloyd M. “Pete” Bucher would be tortured by Korean forces for eleven months before being …show more content…
It was the first war that the United Nations was involved and where the United States made a plan to defeat communism since the end of World War II. After the Second Great War, South Korea become stronger through means of production and population increase along with support from the United States and the U.N. However, North Korea felt threatened during this time because the U.S. was a major superpower and had yet to receive help from the pact made at the Yalta Conference in 1945. North Korea had no choice but to join the nearest superpower that wasn’t dropping bombs on the country and try to show their loyalty after the Soviet Red Army liberated North Korea the same year as the Yalta Conference. Tensions between North Korea and any other United States ally rose when the U.S. passed the Trading with the Enemy Act and continued until 2008. This piece of legislation would further hurt North Koreans and anger the country as a whole and to push them away deeper into the communism plot. Feelings would continue to be hurt once the United States pulled out of the Armistice Agreement for the Restoration of the South Korean State (1953) or more specifically part 13(d) which declared that no part of Korea could bring in more weapons and trade to other sides and allies. This single handily pushed North Korea into a technological advancement frenzy where once they seized the USS Pueblo the North Korean army knew that they could successfully advance farther than Russia or

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