Nature Of The Korean War

The main objective of this essay is to answer the research question ”To what extent did the involvement of foreign countries affected the nature of the Korean War ”. In order to understand how the foreign involvement affected the characteristics of the Korean War it´s important to comprehend the origins and causes of the Korean War, background research has been made in order to familiarize with the topic and gain a general idea of the topic. For example, the actions taken by Syngman Rhee of boasting about attacking North Korea, was a contributing factor which led the North Koreans to attack South Korea in 1950 and eventually contributed to the beginning of the War. In addition, considering the historical era in which the Korean War took place, …show more content…
In December 1943 Prime Minister Churchill, President Roosevelt and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek issued the Cairo Declaration, promising among other things “a free and independent Korea in due course”(Stokesbury,24) The Americans decided the best way in order for this to happen was to occupy the southern part of Korea, and the Russians who attacked the Japanese in Manchuria should occupy the northern portion. Weeks after this, the U.S atomic bombs on japan were dropped, contributing to the Soviet Union declaring war. The Russians occupied down to the 38th parallel. …show more content…
Because of the issues between the executive agency of the trustees and their indifferences, for better or worse both sides settled their own government in their own zones/territory. The Soviets passed control over to the Provisional People 's committee, later that summer all parties coalesced, and transitioned into The People 's Democratic Republic, the standard Marxist-Leninist one party state inspired after the Soviet Union.(Rees)

On August 15, 1948 Dr. Syngman Rhee became the first President of the Republic of Korea, being recognized by the UN as the only free state in Korea; it was only recognize by the UN Countries as the People 's democratic Republic received recognition exclusively by the eastern/communist bloc. Later the UN settled a permanent commission with the objective of unifying the country. Months later both countries Russia and the U.S decided to leave their occupation in Korea, but still provide them with training and help. (Mount)

6 months later, during summer of 1949 a major exchange of fire occurred across the 38th parallel, and Dr. Syngman Rhee vigorously called for a war, after the all the guerillas and attacks that occurred, the People 's democratic Republic of Korea invaded the Republic of Korea on June 25, 1950. By July the American Army joined together with the

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