Why Did Stalin Invade East Asia

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Throughout the 20th century, the fate of East Asia was deciding by wars. In 1950 the war between North and South Korea began. When Korea was liberated from Japan, the victorious allies decided to divide Korea in two parts, where south belonged to the US and north to the USSR. Therefore, Communism was established in north and capitalism in south. However, Kim Il-sung the leader of North Korea wanted to unify Korea and he was hoping to get a support from the USSR. Josef Stalin rejected his offer, but when China became communist he changed his mind. Communism started to expand in Asia and Stalin thought that this event can help make the entire Korea become communist if both China and the USSR will invade. Finally, the USSR and China invaded South …show more content…
Joseph Stalin had a plan for Korea to unify it and establish communism there, because Korea was industrialized country that had good agriculture and manufacture. He intended communism to be leading and the most powerful ideology in the entire world. After the USSR had tested its own atomic bomb, Stalin was no longer afraid that the United States will threaten with a mass destruction as they were no longer the only one who had a deadly weapon. He also believed that the US will not invade Korea, because the Americans were not really interested in Korea. Salami-slice strategy did not only aim to establish communism in Europe, but in the Far East Asia as well. After China became communist, it gave more chances to Stalin to make other countries fall into communist’s hands. As for Chinese invading Korea, there was a matter of self-defence. Chinese were afraid that South Korea might win the war. They did not want to have a neighbouring country that would be allies with the United States, because it might harm and threat communism. By cooperating with the USSR and invading Korea, Mao Zedong wanted to demonstrate that Communist China is powerful country and is able to compete with the rest of the world. Also, Mao wanted to get a support back from USSR, to take Taiwan in the near future. However, communists have miscalculated that the US would not have an interest to invade

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