Agent Orange

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  • Agent Orange In Vietnam

    Agent Orange Having spent 10 weeks in Vietnam, I felt a personal connection to Agent Orange as well as the effects it had on the country. This connection is what motivated my research and my desire to bring attention to the subject. Agent Orange was an herbicide used during the Vietnam War in the 1960s. It was used by the United States military who intended to gain an advantage in the war by spraying the chemical over the dense jungles of Vietnam. The military hoped that this would deprive the Viet Cong of hiding places, reducing their chances of winning the war. The original purpose of Agent Orange was solely to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam, however, there were many unintended harsh side effects of the chemical. This was a global problem…

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  • Agent Orange Nursing

    coverage under the Agent Orange Act that had been developed in 1991. This act was developed for the veterans who are disabled with health conditions directly linked to the exposure of Agent Orange. Advocates of Veteran’s rights enabled the enactment of this bill, which allows nurses to offer better care to Agent Orange patients. Nurses become patient advocates every day when they put on their uniform and offer care to patients. They will fight for their patient to make sure they receive the best…

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  • Agent Orange Herbicide Essay

    Air force launched Operation Ranch Hand. This operation called for the use of over 19 million gallons of Agent Orange to be dumped on to the forests in Vietnam to expose the Viet Cong soldiers below. Not only did vast amounts of foliage die, but the chemical lead to birth defects, cancer, and skin rashes for soldiers and civilians who came in contact with it. Operation Ranch Hand Initiated.) Many still argue today that Agent Orange was not linked to these health issues. Due to the extreme…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Agent Orange

    starvation and poverty. What happened? The answer was simple, Agent Orange. During the Vietnam War, new chemicals called defoliants were being used as a tactic for military purposes. One of the most common defoliants used was called Agent Orange. These defoliants were used as harmful chemical herbicides to denature the trees and the land of Vietnam and Laos from 1961 to 1972. Agent Orange had a large impact environmentally and medically creating a burden that would remain with us forever. Agent…

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  • Agent Orange Vietnam Essay

    The Legacy of Agent Orange (Final Draft Essay) Vivid images of children with extra limbs, without eyes, and covered in red irritated skin are the product of Agent Orange and use of tactical herbicides during the Vietnam war. During the height of the Vietnam war the U.S. Military conducted a wide-ranging program of defoliation. Herbicidal weapons were developed to destroy the forest and jungle cover used by the enemy North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong Guerrilla troops. However, after the Vietnam…

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  • Agent Orange: The Perpetual Consequences

    Agent Orange: The Perpetual Consequences Generations of Vietnamese civilians exposed to a perilous chemical: all due to the spraying of an herbicide over Vietnam’s jungles. The Vietnam War was between the Communist North Vietnam and the United States. The conflict became global when Communist-supportive countries began sending reinforcements to the Vietnamese and the United States gained support from its allies. The Viet Cong soldiers knew their jungles by heart and used the plant cover to…

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  • Agent Orange: A Weapon Of Destruction

    Agent Orange: A Weapon of Destruction The infamous Brutus from the play, Julius Caesar, used the idea of the end justifies the means to rationalize his decision to kill Caesar for the greater good of the Roman Republic. This idea had been used by many throughout history to justify their morally wrong actions for the greater good. The United States federal government might have argued that the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War and dumping more than 11 million gallons of Agent Orange…

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  • Agent Orange Vietnam Case Study

    As part of the Vietnam war, the U.S. military sprayed 12.1 gallons of Agent Orange defoliant on trees and vegetation in Vietnam. This so-called toxic chemical is mixed with other varieties of herbicides used for removing trees and dense tropical foliage that provided cover the Vietnam troops. Much of agent orange contains dioxin, which is a highly dangerous and toxic chemical, known to cause “reproductive and developmental problems, disruption of the immune system, interference with hormones and…

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  • Agent Orange: The Psychological Effects Of The Vietnam War

    psychological effects it had on many soldiers. The most prevalent of those being PTSD, which at the time wasn’t a recognized as a mental disorder. Not to mention it often takes roughly a year for symptoms to set in so it was written off even easier which undoubtedly left many of those suffering discouraged and made to feel alone in their disorder. Psychological disorders aren’t the only problems that arose for hundreds of soldiers after the war. During the Vietnam War there were various…

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  • Essay On Agent Orange In Vietnam

    herbicides such as Agent Orange, to Vietnam has significantly increased extremely dangerous health problems in humans living in that area. In many cases, the introduction of these agents underwent scientific tests to prove, that they cause (Type 2) diabetes, prostate cancer, respiratory cancer, spina bifida, and many others. (Marti) This is especially devastating because over 2.1 to 4.8 million people became exposed to these agents of destruction. (Marti) Out of all of the agents the U.S.…

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