Legacy Essay: The Legacy Of Agent Orange

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The Legacy of Agent Orange (Final Draft Essay)
Vivid images of children with extra limbs, without eyes, and covered in red irritated skin are the product of Agent Orange and use of tactical herbicides during the Vietnam war. During the height of the Vietnam war the U.S. Military conducted a wide-ranging program of defoliation. Herbicidal weapons were developed to destroy the forest and jungle cover used by the enemy North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong Guerrilla troops. However, after the Vietnam conflict ended American service members and the people of Vietnam began to experience disease, cancer and other detrimental health effects that were caused by the exposure to chemical herbicides. When the developing health concerns were brought to the attention
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The poisoning of the soil and sediment was definitely an unintended consequence that ended up causes multiple health problems for the generations that followed the conflict. There is no denying the birth defects and illnesses that have occurred due to the use of Agent Orange and other defoliation herbicides. The denial of health issues associated with Agent Orange and chemical herbicides by the United States government only further add insult to injury.
In the future there needs to be further consideration when employing weapons against the enemies of America especially those that massively impact the environment in a negative aspect. A disadvantage to the enemy shouldn 't end up being a disadvantage for the innocent. The Legacy of Agent Orange, is a painful realization of what can occur whilst attempting to win a war. The children on the other hand bare the burden of Agent Orange and the use of tactical herbicides, every miscarriage, stillborn or child born with a birth defect is just another casualty of the Vietnam War and Agent

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