Conclusion Of Vietnam War

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Without a doubt, the Vietnam War (1959-1975) is one of the violent conflict of the Cold War history. This conflict drained the emotional health of our soldiers, hooking them to a profound addiction.
The foundation of this war is complex. To understand a little more of how Vietnam became a unified country, the story goes back to World War II.
Laos , Vietnam and Cambodia is part of a region known as Indochina. They were under French administration and wanted independence, initiating the Indochina War. After the Indochina War, Vietnam was divided in two parts: North Vietnam and South Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh ruled North Vietnam, supported by the communist Soviet Union. Ngo Dinh Diem ruled South Vietnam, it was a military dictatorship and an allied with the United States.
The United States supported the South Vietnam supplying them with weapons and political advisory, they despised the communism idea of North Vietnam and they wanted to prevent
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Conclusion: The Vietnam War was a disadvantage to the United States, it was a war that had more loss than gain. Countless lives lost and all the damages done on soldiers are certainly irreversible.
For Veterans, obtaining a job was a challenging duty, because some of them were admitted to the military at an early age, they lacked experience on daily tasks. Others had psychological issues, halting them to preform daily basics chores. The pitfall of the Vietnam War were the drugs and all the post traumatic issues. A social turmoil that changed for worse many lives. The burden that the soldiers carried were somehow indescribable. The Veterans from Vietnam War should be respected and principally be treated as brave warriors that, in the sake of our country gave out their

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