An Essay About The Vietnam War

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Vietnam War Essay The Vietnam War was not a favorable war among people in America. Information surrounding the war wa faked and a war we didn 't need to be in. The conflict was started even before U.S. entered into the war and we made it worse by entering. Some people favored the war, while others didn 't because lives were lost at no gain. Then the troops were treated horribly after getting back. Why would the U.S. send troops into a sensless, unwinable war? Even though the Vietnam War tried to stop communism, many thought it was a pointlesss war. There 's reasons why U.S. should be out of the Vietnam. One reason is that the involvement of U.S. helped Minh (the leader of the communist North), the opportunity say that the South was a pupput by letting us into theith sacred land. Since their conflict started between the North communist and the South anti-communist, they didn 't want anyone else to be involved. The leader of South Vietnam Diem stood firm on keeeping the United States out of their internal problems. Both leaders also knew that their people even though enemies would fight fearlessly to keep any invader out at any cost. This didn 't work …show more content…
The next month 4 students were killed at Kent State in a protest against the war. There were many other protests that involved fire arms to settle in April, but no deaths reported. Then Nixon ordered the Invasion of Laos to destroy a supply route to the North on Febuary 8, 1971. The trail was called Ho Chi Minh Trail which was a jungle route. Finally we left the conflict on March 29, 1973. We never went back to the fight even though the South asked us to help again. United States don 't like to go back the same place twice, because they don 't want to lose again. On "April 30, 1975 the South Vietnamese surrenders and their captil Saigon is changed to Ho Chi Minch Ciy"(Vietnam

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