Agent Orange: The Psychological Effects Of The Vietnam War

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When one thinks about the Vietnam War one thing that might come to mind are the psychological effects it had on many soldiers. The most prevalent of those being PTSD, which at the time wasn’t a recognized as a mental disorder. Not to mention it often takes roughly a year for symptoms to set in so it was written off even easier which undoubtedly left many of those suffering discouraged and made to feel alone in their disorder. Psychological disorders aren’t the only problems that arose for hundreds of soldiers after the war.
During the Vietnam War there were various herbicides that were used, but the most common of them being Agent Orange. Agent Orange was one of three herbicides composed of 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin.
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So long as there are Vietnam War Veterans and their families who have and are suffering from the effects of Agent Orange that information probably won’t be disclosed. It’s almost impossible to estimate when such information could be released as Agent Orange is still effecting many people today. It’s even harder to find information from the Vietnamese perspective and really anything about it on their Government website. Granted you can’t find a lot on the U.S. Government website about it either. From what can be gathered is that the Vietnam War ended in fear for both the United States and Vietnam. After the U.S. took several drastic measures to end the war the Vietnamese Government finally agreed to a peace settlement. Soon after it was signed the Vietnamese had second thoughts, but with a threat of further bombings they retracted. One could say one of the reasons there isn’t a lot of public information about the war is out of fear that either country could get upset by it and potentially cause havoc. I’m sure veterans in both countries share their stories and it lives on through generations, but as far as the government goes the truth may never be

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