Influence Of American Pop Culture In The 1960s

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The Anti-war movement started during the 1960s and shaped America’s public opinion on conflicts for years to come. As in all its conflicts, the support of the people on the homefront influences America’s military commitment.. Without Homefront support, the American war machine dies. American pop culture during the 60s and 70s, sought to change public opinion against the Vietnam War. Through blatant anti-war lyrics to their actions, the popular artists and musicians of the era influenced the mindset of a generation to oppose the military actions in Vietnam.
Vietnam was a French colony dating back to mid 1800s. Vietnam was meant as a farming colony for the production of agricultural products such as tobacco, tea, and coffee. The French treated
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Using the Ho Chi Minh trail, the North Vietnamese transported supplies and troops to outposts in Southern Vietnam. They would use these outposts to launch swift attacks on U.S bases and South Vietnamese cities. In an effort to slow down the transportation of supplies on the trail, the U.S adopted another bombing strategy where they would target the key points of the trail. In 1968, the Ho Chi Minh trail was used to launch multiple coordinated attacks against U.S bases and Southern Vietnam cities in an attempt to catch the other side off guard, it was known as the Tet Offensive. Tet is the Vietnamese New year, and it was expected that the North Vietnamese would use this day as a ceasefire to celebrate a new year. Instead they chose to attack. It is estimated that 70,000 or more North Vietnamese took part in the Tet Offensive and attacked more than 100 cities. Although American and allied casualties were relatively small compared to the North Vietnamese casualties, it struck a chord with the American people that it is now time to get …show more content…
In an effort to promote peace, a large, outdoor festival was planned to take place in a field in Bethel, New York. The venue was called Woodstock. Woodstock was a three day festival where musicians and people could gather and promote peace. Regarded as one of the pivotal moments in music history, Woodstock promoted the widespread message of the anti-war movement. One of the biggest groups of the festival was Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). Led by John Fogerty, CCR was a rock group whose style was that of southern rock or swamp rock. CCR is best known for their anti-war song Fortunate Son. Fortunate Son is about how he is not lucky enough to avoid the war because his family does not have wealth and is not notable. This resonated with the regular people in society because they too did not have the ability to avoid the draft. The biggest act at Woodstock was not an anti-war artist, but rather an artist that simply promoted peace, Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix, before he became famous, was trained as a paratrooper in the U.S Army. During his training, he voiced his discontent with the army, he was eventually honorably discharged and went on to play music. At Woodstock, he was the last act to perform and performed to the smallest crowd despite his fame. A year later he would die of

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