Essay On Agent Orange In Vietnam

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The introduction of dangerous herbicides such as Agent Orange, to Vietnam has significantly increased extremely dangerous health problems in humans living in that area. In many cases, the introduction of these agents underwent scientific tests to prove, that they cause (Type 2) diabetes, prostate cancer, respiratory cancer, spina bifida, and many others. (Marti) This is especially devastating because over 2.1 to 4.8 million people became exposed to these agents of destruction. (Marti) Out of all of the agents the U.S. utilized in Vietnam, Agent Orange was the most destructive, even compared to the other agents combined together. The herbicide companies, crafted the agents from a powerful mixture of chemicals used by the U.S. military forces during the Vietnam War to eliminate forest cover …show more content…
A class action lawsuit took action on behalf of 2.4 million veterans who became exposed to Agent Orange, In 1979. (Agent) Several gigantic chemical companies that manufactured Agent Orange agreed to pay out over 180 million in compensation to the veterans or their next kin. (Agent) Many more lawsuits took action by some 300 veterans, even after the chemical companies already agreed to pay them compensation. (Agent) The U.S. Supreme Court later confirmed in 1988, that they would raise the settlement of 180 million to 240 million.(Agent) Soon after, President George H.W. Bush stepped in and signed into law the Agent Orange Act, which mandated that some diseases must be treated as the result of wartime service. (Agent) In 2004, a party of Vietnamese citizens filed a class-action lawsuit against more than 30 chemical companies which sought billion of dollar worth of damages, that were caused by Agent Orange. (Agent) This suit, which sought billions of dollars worth of damage, dismissed by a federal New York judge in March 2005. Then in 2008 the U.S. court rejected the final appeal.

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