Aging-associated diseases

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  • Alzheimer's Case Study Answers

    List 8: 1. Alzheimer disease (p.122): This concept is important for all adults to know about because of the extreme complications that accompany this disease. It is hard on the patients, family, and caregivers. This disease is interesting because it has many risk factors, not just genetically passed down through generations. The risk factors are based mostly around lifestyle choices, making it seem that there are ways that one can prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. 2. Respite Care (p.125): This concept is crucial for the family and caregivers of those helping Alzheimer or dementia patients. It is important because it allows those in care positions to get deserved breaks and prevent or yield the stress that comes with that care. That stress…

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  • Aging And Exercise

    Question 1 A- The simple way to define aging is to describe it as the time units between birth and a date of observation. And it can be defined as the group of processes that occurs in living organisms over time and leads to loss of adaptability, functional impairment and ends by is important to differentiate between aging and secular effects which are environmental effects that affects people who live within identified period of time. Aging can be described as decline or regression in…

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  • Negative Stereotypes In Older Adults

    Given that old age is often characterized by negative stereotypes it is common for older adults to have negative perceptions on aging. These pervasive messages suggest that older adults are “frail, ill, old people” which tend to perpetuate these negative attitudes. Henchoz, Cavalli, and Girardin (2008) suggest that comparison mechanisms assist older adults in opposing those views and seeing past those fundamentals of old age. Consequently, basing their views of aging on a more self-perceived…

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  • Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Study Of Aging

    Gerontology is the scientific study of old age, the process of aging, and the particular problems of old people. The field of gerontology is very broad, and there are many subfields. Geriatrics focuses strictly on the medical conditions and disease of the aging, gerontology is a multidisciplinary study that incorporates biology, psychology and sociology. Because gerontology deals with multi-faceted aspects of aging. according to" Michelle Hall Between 2000 and 2030, the older population --…

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  • Depression In Older Adults

    spent on the topic of depression the elderly population often gets neglected when talking about this issue. Depression affects people of all ages and it is important to understand depression as it is present in our aging population. Trigger Event Through experience in the clinical setting I have come into contact with a variety of older adults. Fellow students often make comments along the lines of “I feel so bad for them” and “this is so sad.” I often find myself making similar…

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  • OT 626, A Case Study: A Comparison Of Two Older Adults

    Older Adults Stephanie Manning OT 626 The aging process is inevitable and yet the way in which an individual interprets or perceives the aging process can vary. Over time our body structures and cognitive capacities decline and it is in this decline where perspectives on life changes affect the overall successfulness of aging. The aging population now has the opportunity to live longer, happier lives. This increase in life expectancy is a product of culture which has illuminated progresses in…

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  • Health Care Of Older Adults Essay

    other age groups. First, they often have multiple health problems at once, which can be difficult to diagnose the actual conditions and provide the proper care. Next, especially since many doctors are not specialists in geriatrics, it may be hard to determine if a symptom is related to a disease or normal aging of the body and overdiagnosis often occurs. Thirdly, because of how the body changes as one ages, different types of medications and dosages may be necessary to help alleviate pain or…

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  • Beliefs On Aging

    Describe Your Feelings and Beliefs on Aging in the United States Looking back from the time I started my nursing career to the present, I have seen how the image of the older adults has evolved from “the stereotypical views and images associated with ageing” (Grant, 2001, p. 777), to a more positive regard of the older population. In addition, Healthy People (HP) 2020’s focus on “maintaining the quality of life and wellness of older adults” (HP 2020, 2015) has set new targets for nursing…

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  • Process Essay: Aging Of The Elderly

    Aging of the Elderly An “elderly” person is a person who is 65 years old or older (Orimo, et al 2006). People are living until their 80’s and 90’s these days so the number of elderly people is increasing. The people who might need your caregiving help one day could be family members, neighbors, or church friends. The assistance could be very basic like phoning them weekly to check on them. On the other hand, the caregiving could be more complex and require you to handle their medical needs. It…

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  • Elderly Driver: The Dangers Of Aging Drivers

    As people age, naturally their bodies do as well. Over the years, the many skills and abilities that are critical to have while driving, including good vision, good hearing, and quick reaction time, tend to deteriorate. Because many older people continue to drive despite having lost their motor skills, other drivers and their passengers are put at risk of being involved in an accident. The natural aging process affects one’s driving skills, making older drivers a danger to the safety of…

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