My Feelings And Beliefs On Aging

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Describe Your Feelings and Beliefs on Aging in the United States Looking back from the time I started my nursing career to the present, I have seen how the image of the older adults has evolved from “the stereotypical views and images associated with ageing” (Grant, 2001, p. 777), to a more positive regard of the older population. In addition, Healthy People (HP) 2020’s focus on “maintaining the quality of life and wellness of older adults” (HP 2020, 2015) has set new targets for nursing education. Nursing faculty are urged to “integrate older adult content throughout nursing programmes to enhance nursing practice with an ageing population” (Baumbusch, Dahlke, & Phinney, 2012, p. 2550). At the same time, nursing faculty can role model positive attitude towards older adults to their nursing students (Baumbusch, et al., 2012). Personally, I agree with Ebersole and Hess (2016) that there is “a shift in the view of aging to one that centers on the potential for health, wholeness, and quality of life, and the significant contributions of older people to society” (p. 19). As Grant (2001) aptly cited “Rather than being ‘over the hill’, more and more older people are ‘taking the hill by storm’ and seeking opportunities to be involved in a multitude of activities” (p. 777). Thus, I believe that through health promotion, older adults would be supported, motivated, and charged to “take active responsibility for their health” (Kelly & Abraham, 2004, p. 570). Consequently,

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