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  • Court Of Trial : The Sentencing Of Tom Mobey

    On the 8th of November I visited Oxford crown court; whilst I had previously attended various levels of courts to witness trials, I had never watched a sentencing. Therefore, intrigued to see the process, I decided to watch the sentencing of Tom Mobey. Immediately upon entering the courtroom I noticed a very different atmosphere to trial, one that was much more private and personal. There was a limited number of people in court: just the two opposing counsel, a clerk, the defendant and his accompanying custody officer. In addition, the defendant was not retained in the dock behind glass, but rather sat in front of it. As we raised upon the judge’s entry, I instantly noticed she was female which was refreshing and encouraging to see considering the profession is notoriously male dominated; something I myself have previously experienced until this point. The hearing then commenced with the prosecutor outlining the facts of the case. Mobey, the defendant, owned a small business called ‘1st choice guttering maintenance ltd’ which specialised in gutter repairs and general maintenance work. However, Mobey also advertised advanced roofing services, despite the fact neither himself nor his staff were qualified in this area. It transpired that both Ms Dainton and Ms Benton, two very elderly ladies, had contacted Mobey enquiring about roof repairs. Upon brief inspection, Mobey provided a quote and requested large cash deposits. In both circumstances, Mobey later claimed there was…

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  • Brain Injury Aggravation

    Brain Injury and Behavior: Aggravation to Aggression Of all the behaviors patients develop following traumatic brain injury, aggression is one of the most common. It can present in a wide spectrum of behaviors ranging from simple annoyance or anger, to extremes of physical violence. In one of the more recent studies reviewed, it was apparent that some of the lower level behaviors, such as irritability, were not being recognized as a potential psychological component of brain injury. This…

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  • Crime Vs Hate Crime

    periodic beating, murders, and interethnic riots, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that they turned their attention to the specific issue of racist violence. Police were heavily criticized for not acting on tracking down perpetrators of racist acts. In 1983 a report came to surface that police were often drunk, bigoted, racist, sexist, dishonest and bored. Reform began to happen within the police departments. They decided that the broad characteristic of racist incident was considered any event…

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  • Reflection Paper: Synthesis Essay: The Yellow Wallpaper

    Gilman’s short novel, The Yellow Wallpaper is one of the literacies shows the feminist in nineteenth century. It contains woman’s depression and neurasthenia as a psychological illness and a patriarchal man and his attitude to his wife in 10-pages short story. The protagonist Jane and her husband move to a mansion and stay there for a while. Jane is suffering from a psychological illness, and her husband John advises her a rest cure other than practical treatments. However, there are some parts…

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  • Immigration Effects On Children

    This is good because families with both parents are more likely to be able to support as well as care for their family. Also, every child does better with structure, and having a family provides some of the needed stability for immigrant children. On the opposite side though, immigrant parents can be abusive to their children. In “High Parenting Aggravation among US Immigrant Families,” Stella M. Yu and Gopal K. Singh address the difficulties immigrant parents and children face on a day-to-day…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Sioux Falls

    about a college at the time because I was in 8th grade and they asked “Would you consider this as a college you would like to go to?” I just shrugged my shoulders and said “I don’t know,” and walked away from them. I understand now that I should not have walked away and should have been happier to be with them. I realize that they wanted to spend time with us before Jade and I got older or if they had died all of a sudden. They wanted us to remember all times that we had spent together no matter…

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  • Bald On Record Analysis

    Levinson (1987:55), positive impoliteness is the use of strategies designed to damage the addressee’s positive face wants. Lachenicht (1980) enlists this strategy under the term "Positive aggravation". He defines it as an aggravation strategy that is designed to show the addressee that he is not approved of, is not esteemed, does not belong, and will not receive cooperation. So any utterance (or silence) that eludes the other from being part of a group can be regarded as an act of positive…

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  • Silver Linings Playbook Analysis

    who has just finished an 8-month stay in an institution after brutally assaulting his wife’s lover. It is revealed early on that he has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, has prescriptions for numerous medications (which he often doesn’t take), and regularly attends therapy sessions with a psychiatrist. He moves in with his parents following his discharge, and has two apparent obsessions— jogging and winning his wife back. The Absence of Depression From the beginning of the film, Pat presents a…

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  • Acne Prone Research Paper

    CONS • There have been grumbling of skin peeling among a few clients • Few clients grumble of skin smoldering, disturbance and more breakout after utilization. 6. Murad Acne Skin Perfecting Lotion Best to clear: imperfections It minimizes pores, calms any disturbance or redness and refines surface, all while extinguishing skin with dependable hydration. Aces • sans oil hydrator refines and mellows skin composition. • Clinically demonstrated in more than 90% of…

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  • Ryland's V Fletcher Case Study

    and nuisance to recover the cost of the extra dredging. Held: The claim in negligence and private nuisance failed since they did not possess any private rights which enabled them to insist on any particular depth of water. The claim succeeded in public nuisance since the interference caused by the ferry terminals affected public navigation rights. Tate & Lyle suffered particular damage as a result of this interference. (E-law resources, 2015) Remedies for Nuisance Reward for nuisance is…

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