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  • Pol Pot

    Pol pot, whose real name was Saloth Sar, was the Cambodian revolutionary who lead the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until 1997. He became the leader of Cambodia on 17 April 1975, when his forces captured Phnom Penh. At first his politic of anti-Soviet got a lot of other countries supporting, like China, U.S, Thailand and some European countries. After he began working for the Far-left police and massacred a lot of innocent citizens, he was condemned by the international society. Pol Pot had a really big change during his life, from a simple man change into a criminal empire, he destroyed a lot of regular rules in Cambodia and changed the rules go the part which he likes. He also want to imitate China’s first president Mao’s action to create a country…

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  • Essay On Pol Pot

    Pol Pot: Beast of the Southeast Of all the cruel and horrendous tyrants history has bedeviled upon humanity, Pol Pot is among the most evil and unforgiving. It was under his rule that from 1975 to 1979, millions of innocent lives were snuffed out during an event known as the Cambodian Genocide. The Cambodian Genocide was an effort by the tyrannical government of Cambodia, known as the Khmer Rouge, to establish a perfect communist utopia. They planned to do this by disposing of anyone in the…

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  • Pol Pot And Evil

    Pol Pot and Evil Pol Pot is one of the most notorious villains in recent history. He was the Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979, and responsible for the infamous Cambodian Killing Fields. During his short time in power, he was responsible for the displacement, torture, and death of millions of Cambodians. Pol Pot was a communist dictator who wanted to destroy the existing civilization in Cambodia and create a new age. To bring in the new age, he ordered a genocide against his own…

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  • Pol Pot Genocide

    Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries many people`s human rights were violated by certain groups, government`s, and individuals who saw their power threatened by people who fought against them like Pol Pot with his Khmer Rouge, and Rwanda`s 100 days of genocide. In Cambodia, Pol Pot, and his Khmer Rouge in just 4 years have killed over 1.5 million of a population of 7 to 8 million people during his rule (1975 to 1979). The Khmer Rouge opposed colonial influence, and wanted an agrarian…

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  • Pol Pot Summary

    the fact that before1970, Cambodia averaged less than one ton of rice per hectare. Even when emphasis was put on the collectivization of rice, Cambodia still exported the least amount compared to neighboring countries. Pol Pot and his followers did not rely on technological advancements or new equipment. The new leaders of Cambodia only relied on the forced labor from the people who has once resided in Phnom Penh. This collectivization relied on men and women to cultivate rice fields, build…

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  • Pol Pot Propaganda

    ‘During that time, about 1.5 million Cambodians out of a total population of 7 to 8 million died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork.’ (HIstory.com Staff, 2009). The period of the Khmer warfare is the most remarkable moment of Cambodia’s history. It is also the most catastrophic one. The cultural and civil background of the monarchy and republican eras was suppressed by the Khmer communist regime. During this period Cambodia’s expressive heritage nearly disappear, not only…

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  • The Consequences Of Pol Pot And The Cambodian Genocide

    to many, being it isn’t widely researched. The killing fields of Cambodia “(1975-1979)” (Krkljes, 2015) are where Pol Pot and his authoritarian government committed a mass murder. The Khmer Rouge knew that knowledge is power, which is why they mainly focused on “exterminating” the “educated.” There were nearly “2 million Cambodians” murdered on these killing fields. (Center) Cambodia today is still working to fully recover from the loss of those millions of lives. They are in the midst of an…

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  • The Khmer Rouge: The Rise And Fall Of Pol Pot

    On May 19, 1925, Pol Pot was born into a poor farming family (Pol Pot 1). Pol Pot got a scholarship to a college in Paris to study radio electronics. He later on got his scholarship revoked though, due to him absorbing Marxism (1). When he lost his scholarship he decided to move back to Cambodia and joined an underground communist movement. Cambodia’s government soon gained full independence from France and became a monarchy (1). In 1962, Pol Pot became the leader of the Cambodian communist…

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  • Pol Pot Compare And Contrast Essay

    devastating. Together Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot has slaughtered over 2,300,000 people because of their political and religious views. Anyone who opposed them were killed. Saddam Hussein believed in secularism which is the belief that rejects religion while Pol Pot believed in a communist society. Because of their views, these men did everything in their power to make sure their dreams were accomplished and fulfilled. While some differences between Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein are evident, the…

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  • Comparison Of 1975 Pol Pot And The Khmer Rouge

    In 1975 Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge took control of the Cambodian Government and established a communist government. When the Khmer Rouge took control Pol Pot declared that 1975 was “year zero” would set the Cambodian Calders to year zero. During the time the Khmer Rouge was in control the government started the Cambodian Genocide. In which the government targeted Buddhist monks, intellectuals, officials from the “old” regime, and enemies of the state. The government attacked monks because…

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