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  • How The Khmer Rouge Affected Cambodia

    stayed alive through it. I know that they are happy for that. They have been mostly scared of standing up. Massive bombings of eastern Cambodia, by the United States through 1969 to 1973. The United States bombed part of Cambodia. But they had meant to bomb Vietnam. The United States hate Communist spread throughout any other countries. They had helped the Cambodians because, they had done nothing wrong. Vietnam wanted to invade and conquer the United States. Vietnam ended up being bombed by the United States. Ho Chi Minh had died in the 1969. Six years, before he had conquered all of Vietnam. “Overthrew Shinouk by a Pro-American right-wing general in March 1970 radicalized the rural youth.” Shinouk got overthrown by Lon Nol who had won the election of Cambodia. Lon Nol had supported the Khmer Rouge but he had said that he proclaimed that he will establish the Khmer…

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  • Angka Child Soldiers

    the best schooling possible. In Phnom Penh, Ung’s family took for granted the education they had, but it was soon taken away from them. The Khmer Rouge disregarded the importance of education, and used children as tools to further their regime. Poor Ung never got the chance to have a real education as a young child, something I cannot imagine my life without. Political Prisoners or Targets “The women, children, and old villagers are allowed to use their arms to balance while they work their way…

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  • Pol Pot Propaganda

    During this period Cambodia’s expressive heritage nearly disappear, not only theoretically but part of the population, mostly artists and other erudite minds that held opposite feeling to what the propaganda “required”, were murdered in what are know as “killing fields”. Under Pol Pot hegemony, one of the leader of the revolution that caused one of the 20th century’s biggest atrocities, the propaganda was aiming to a totally agrarian society and what followed was that innovative, suggestive or…

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  • Monster Theory Reading Culture

    creature’s violence to the damaged brain incorporated into the monster’s creation. The 2015 film, Frankenstein, directed by Bernard Rose, transitions the story into modern day Los Angeles. The film argues the monster, Adam, is haunted by his creators rejection, which results in a trail of bodies as he is forced into the world where his gradual corruption is not only internal but external as well. By the end of the film, Adam has become the embodiment of monstrosity and resolves that he must…

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  • It Follows Film Analysis

    The movie that I reviewed was It Follows, a movie written and directed by David Robert Mitchell. The movie follows Jay Height: a teenager who is being pursued by a strange entity that is trying to kill her. This entity can take the shape of any person, stranger or loved one, and was passed down to her after sleeping with her boyfriend. The only people who can see the entity are those who have, at some point, been cursed by it. Throughout the movie, the entity relentlessly follows Jay, however,…

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  • The Babadook: Movie Analysis

    Horror films have dramatically increased in popularity each year. Producers come out with a new horror film in theaters at least every two months, and the results are satisfying to the audience. Almost every horror film tries to come up with something more intense and dreadful. The Babadook was released in 2014 and is still quite mindboggling. Many people do not understand that not all horror films are full of murders and blood. The Babadook is a movie that tests the classifications of being a…

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  • Character Analysis: The Babadook

    The Babadook: Child 's Play Gone Wrong Is the monster in the closet or under the bed? Or is the monster really in the head? Finding a good horror movie can be challenging, due to the fact that most horror movies these days seem rather cliché or just don 't have an antagonist worth being scared over. Horror movies have lost their charm over the years as many horror movies seem too predicable or their script is badly written. The result of horror movies losing their charm is that people don’t…

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  • Internal Conflict In Frankenstein

    In Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein she focuses on helping give the characters complex and developing personality traits. This is often expressed in the way the characters express their views about the world around them. She accomplished her goal by giving one of the most complex personalities to the monster itself. The monster starts out rather simpleminded however throughout the entire novel he develops to be a more educated and classy being. Nevertheless the monster is not ever truly happy…

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  • The Khmer Rouge

    United Front for National Salvation (KUFNS), a dissident group led by Heng Smarin and Chea Sim, and created by the Vietnamese with the goal of overthrowing Pol Pot’s regime. On the Thai border, there were operations against the Khmer Rouge conducted by both Lon Nol supporters and leftist Thai soldiers from as early as 1974. Without the contribution to the rebellion against the Khmer Rouge regime, the Vietnamese would not be able to When the Vietnamese finally capture Phnom Penh on January 7…

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  • Marxism In The 1970's

    According to the Cambodia Tribunal Monitor, “The Khmer Rouge became a major player in the civil war and gained members because many people resented Lon Nol. At this time, 85 percent of Cambodian territory was controlled by the Khmer Rouge.” The Khmer Rouge controlling 85 percent of Cambodia’s territory, allowed them to finally cause the Cambodian Genocide on April 17,1975. The Khmer Rouge were assigned by Pol Pot to target the civilians of Cambodia by marching through Phnom Penh, the capital of…

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