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  • LA Riots: Police Brutality In 1992

    The LA Riots were a huge event that transpired in 1992. They occurred after a man named Rodney King was beaten to death by four police officers. He was kicked while on the concrete. Police brutality has always been a heavy issue in America and there have been numerous amounts of incidents that involve police brutality. The police force has changed since the riots occurred and have fewer incidents that are categorized as brutality. Police brutality has been present for forever. There have been many cases of unarmed black citizens getting killed rather than any other race by police officers (Hauler). Many black communities are targeted for police brutality (“Substance Use & Misuse”). The police have started to record all of their encounters…

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  • Essay On Rioting And Urban Violence

    policies or practices. During the Civil Right Movement in America, there were lots of protests and riots which were for the equal rights and freedoms for the black community. Reports on rioting normally portray it as single event unrelated to the larger issue which led the urban violence to initiate. Rioting in America has normally been conducted by African Americans and other minorities who are protesting and when the protesting turns violent, rioting begins. The following are major riots which…

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  • The Vancouver Hockey Riot Case Study

    If you were to google pictures of “war zone” and then google again “riots” you would see a lot of similarities between the images: fire, destruction, debris, thick plumes of smoke. These images will give you a good idea as to what transpired and the eventual aftermath, in the evening of the Vancouver Hockey Riot. Some would argue a series of unfortunate events, such as inadequate planning, closing liquor stores early that day, and allowing overcrowding of downtown Vancouver. However what really…

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  • Causes Of Antisemitism

    and consequences of the riot were lawlessness and antisemitism. Antisemitism was communicated through anti-Semitic slogans, and people explicitly proclaiming themselves the proud reincarnations of Hitler (signs with messages like “Hitler didn’t do his job”).The lawlessness occurred when the error made by the police caused the police to be accused of giving preferential treatment to the Jews. Yet according to a different source from Commentary magazine, written by Philip Gourevitch January 1st,…

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  • The Effects Of The Tulsa Race Riots

    prestigious racial riots is the one that blew up in Ferguson, Missouri, after a young black man, Michael Brown, was killed by a white police officer after he stole from a convenience store and appeared to have posed a threat to the officer as he approached. Even after all attempts to end racism from the 1800’s to the…

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  • Zoot Suiters: Mexican American Culture

    The Los Angeles Times described another possible reason for why these Zoot Suit riots occurred, that “Strife… arose as a result of beatings of individuals sailors by juvenile street bands and in two cases, assaults on women relatives of servicemen” (TTP Ch.8, Page 214). In other words these Mexican Americans rioted because they felt that servicemen were a threat to their well-being since they were constantly attacked by these servicemen for just wearing a Zoot Suit. So it was a form of…

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  • An Example Of A Timeline: Baltimore Riots

    Berlinger, Joshua. "Baltimore Riots: A Timeline." CNN. Cable News Network, 28 Apr. 2015. Web. 12 Apr. 2016. Freddie Gray, 25 years old, was being transported in a police van after being charged with possession of an illegal switchblade. He was beaten by police while being transported to the prison, leaving him in a coma where he later died from his injuries. In the wake of Freddie Gray’s funeral riots broke out in Baltimore, buildings were looted and burned down, and rioters threw glass bottles…

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  • Descent Into Madness By Mike Rolland

    The structure of a society is essential in distinguishing the norms and values that will undergo in that environment. Mike Rolland’s book, “Descent into Madness: An Inmate’s Experience of the New Mexico State Prison Riot,” includes the account of inmates and correctional officers that were involved in the 1980 riot at the New Mexico Penitentiary (PNM) and the events that led to such violence. Mark Colvin, a sociology professor in the Department of Justice Studies at Kent State University, was…

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  • Five Broken Cameras: Documentary Analysis

    For possibly decades now, there has been fighting in the middle east and I am not sure it will ever stop. One particular story of fighting stuck out to me, however. A man named Emad Burnat filmed activist protest of Israel taking land from his small Palestinian village. The documentary he created is called Five Broken Cameras. He is a peasant farmer who lives off of the land he owned. He has a family consisting of his wife and his four sons. He films to show their side of the fighting and riots…

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  • Women Still Protest Research Paper

    Party candidate for the 2016 presidency, was escorted away and 24 people were arrested when they all showed up to the first presidential debate at Hofstra University on September 26, 2016. Stein and her supporters were protesting the fact that they think third-party candidates should be included in presidential debates. The police arrested protesters because they were blocking traffic and refused to move to the sidewalk (“Outside First”). Protesters often abuse their right to protest, and that’s…

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