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  • Polish American Culture

    Dzień dobry! – hello! Polish culture is very unique, and interesting. The people picked of some of their culture from Germany, while the Germans occupied the country, but ultimately adpated it, and make it their own. The popluation of 38 million people has found a way in the maritime climate of the west and continental climate of the east, to develop a culture that is their own. Their practices include being avid sports fans, folk music, and their special holidays, including independence day, are all very important to the daily life. My family has a direct tie to the culture, because my dad and his parents immigrated to the United States, and I am a naturalized citizen. While we have mantianed some practices from Poland, we have adpated to…

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  • A Comparison Of Death In Milwaukee During The Year 1900

    occupation, duration of illness, and marital statues of each individual was recorded and analyzed. Every individual in the data set died in the months of October or November in the year 1907. The average age of death for the total population in the data set was 34.8 years of age. The average age of death for men and women of the total population in the data set was 39.3 for men and 33.9 for women. The data was broken down to look at each specific ethnicity. When looking at each ethnicity it…

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  • My Polish-American Culture

    Before the fourth grade, the thought of practicing my nonexistent Polish when my grandmother called our landline caused me to dash out the room. I was raised in America, and partaking in my Polish culture was simply a way to ease my parent’s nostalgia for their “Polska.” After moving there for a year, I learned new traditions and developed intimate connections with my family. I finally considered myself a Polish-American. Since returning to New York, I have designated my Sunday afternoons to…

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  • The Importance Of Language In Eva Hoffman's 'Lost In Translation'

    In Poland where her main language was Polish, Hoffman’s identity was firmly rooted in Polish culture. However, when she emigrates and is forced to speak English, she writes multiple times about how the new language is shattering her once solid identity. She describes the journey from Cracow to Canada to “scissors cutting a three- thousand-mile rip through [her] life.” (100) and says with sorrow, “From now on, my life will be divided into two parts” (100). Her original solid identity in her…

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  • Nail Art Research Papers

    fascinated by nail art who wants to start doing their own instead of visiting the nail salon will need some supplies. Nail art is a terrific way to express your creativity and unique personality. Nail Buffer Before you start to decorate your nails, you'll need to prepare them for the process. With a sanding block or nail buffer, you will be able to smooth and shape your nails before adding any polish or design. The 10PC Nail Art Care Buffer Buffing Sanding Block has four sides with a different…

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  • How Does Race Shape American Culture

    immigrants from Poland, I can define myself as Caucasian and 100% Polish America with roots that stem back to Rzeszow and Wiesbieza, Poland. In an era of multicultural inspiration and education, interpersonal treatment of my own race and ethnicity can be my roots, I can easily identify myself with other Polish Americans through analyzing the representation, treatment, and social aspects exposed in my academic environment at Springfield College. Race can be described as “a person’s physical…

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  • The Role Of The Polish-Soviet Involvement In The Warsaw Uprising

    religious tensions. Multiple Polish-Soviet wars broke out over the last 500 years, however, in the last 300 years many of the victories were won by Russia (Zawodny 69). The continuous blows to the Polish state weakened Polish forces as well as their economy and led to its eventual partitioning in the 18th century (Garlinski xv). To what extent did Soviet involvement in the Warsaw Uprising lead to the defeat of the Polish rebel army at the hands of the German army? Polish-Soviet War 1919-1920…

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  • Hitler And Himmler's Life During The Holocaust

    Izbica death camp in eastern Poland, where he witnessed mass killing and torture of Jews.Although he had not saved individual Jews, The Commission for the Designation of the Righteous decided that he had risked his life in order to alert the world to the murder. He had incurred enormous risk in penetrating into the Warsaw ghetto and a camp, and then committed himself wholly to the case of rescuing the Jews. Karski’s case is quite exceptional in many ways. While other rescuers had taken the…

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  • Irena Sendler Research Paper

    The Holocaust one of the most tragic events that happened in history. Resistance efforts are people who are non Jewish and help the Jewish people. Resistance efforts sound more like a group it is but even one person can be a resistance effort. Like Irena Sendler who was a polish nurse that save thousands of Jewish children. So resistance efforts are people who are willing to help people even if it does get them hurt. Irena sendler was born on February 15,1910 in Otwock Warsaw. She was…

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  • Polyska Pipe Works Case Summary

    negotiation and management practices of an American company that expanded its market to Poland and the Central and Eastern European countries. Stewer Technologies, an American pipe manufacturer, create a joint venture in Poland to manufacture polyethylene pipes in the Polish city of Krakow. Poland is a city with 38 million of people, Poles are people who are very proud of their roots, and heritage, Poland is a communist country. Stewer Technologies created a company in Poland to avoid…

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