How Does Race Shape American Culture

The power of race and the beauty of ethnicity has shaped and developed America into the influential nation it is today. As the child of two immigrants from Poland, I can define myself as Caucasian and 100% Polish America with roots that stem back to Rzeszow and Wiesbieza, Poland. In an era of multicultural inspiration and education, interpersonal treatment of my own race and ethnicity can be my roots, I can easily identify myself with other Polish Americans through analyzing the representation, treatment, and social aspects exposed in my academic environment at Springfield College. Race can be described as “a person’s physical characteristics that result from their genetic ancestry” (“The Definition of Race” 1). These physical features can be distinguished …show more content…
The dining hall occasionally hangs flags along its windows to embody nationalities around the world. I was excited to see my flag suspended proudly next to all the other ones. In the Union, an on campus location to grab a bite to eat or to partake in enjoyable events, posters and flag sales are frequently sponsored. The selection is musically and ethnically immense allowing me to purchase a Polish eagle poster for my room at home. Financially, the only thing lacking in this culturally stimulating environment is the opportunity to receive scholarship based on my heritage. In applying for scholarships throughout my high school and now college career, I have only seen one Polish based grant I could apply to. I was shocked by this discovery compared to vast opportunities for ethnicities such as African American or Latinos. The inequality of this financial help seems very unfair and prejudice. However, in becoming more aware of this imbalanced distribution, I can work to make my voice heard to create a

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