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  • Neoliberalism And Political Economy

    Neoliberalism and political economy Neoliberal political economy is another form of economy within the capitalist mode of production and replacing the Keynesian welfare state with pro corporate state. Post Soviet Union disintegration; most of the state adopted willingly and some places forcibly implemented the neoliberal economy. The neoliberal economy unlike the previous capitalist model came with more unprecedented development advanced information technology and promoting aggressive consumerism also with accompany of International economic institutions WTO, IMF and World Bank and regional organisation like EU and OECD implemented throughout world. Neoliberal economic policies also implemented in different names sometimes in the globalisation,…

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  • Political Economy Research Paper

    Political Economy of a Nation The majority of political leaders in society have an independent preference of the model of the economy that they would appreciate applying in the country. The primary target of such actions is to enable a smooth run of the multiple activities in their career. On the other hand, such types of the economy would offer assistance in leadership based on the model of interpretation that they have to the chosen type of economy. Additionally, some leaders will strongly…

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  • Three Ideologies Of Political Economy

    Three Ideologies of Political Economy and beyond By Bernardo Creamer The ‘Prezi’ presentation “Copy of Three Ideologies of Political Economy”, used in class, is based on the ideas contained in the book by R Gilpin about political economics. Gilpin states that there are three ideologies that differ over a wide variation of questions such as: - What is the importance of the market for economic growth and distribution of wealth among groups and societies? - What should be the role of markets in…

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  • Mao Zedong's Influence On China And The Global Political Economy

    Additionally, the leaders of any country are significant in the relationship of the role of the economic standpoint. Different leaders bring forth different experiences for the country and the global political economy. Similarly, China’s role in the past depended on pervious leader named, Mao Zedong and had many influences that impacted China. During the year, 1949, Zedong came into power for China and his intentions were driven by the method of communism (Yu, 2014). Thus, for communism to…

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  • Gilpin's Definition Of Political Economy

    Introduction The growth of industry and increased interconnectedness of states through bilateral trade agreements and roles in international economic institutions makes the study of political economy more relevant all the time. This paper begin by defining what political economy is because it is a term that is used for a wide variety of subjects and specifically defining this term is necessary as it will be to set the context of this paper. The paper will then be divided into two sections with…

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  • Coca-Cola Culture: The Political Economy Of Communication

    research has been developed worldwide. Through the strategy of special guests, they included lectures on the political economy of communication (Professors Robert McChesney and Amanda Ciafone, for example) and on international communication research (Professor Angharad Valdivia) that situated media…

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  • What Is Political Economy?

    Although it can be argued that there are no set boundaries to what Political Economy (PE) is (Watson, 2005, p.1), it can be inferred simply from its name that PE is a field which deals with the relationships between the spheres of politics and economics. These two concepts can be seen as being linked. However, interconnectedness does not necessarily mean analytical concurrence and the field of PE does not always regard the interconnectedness as an axiom. Moreover, the field of PE is often…

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  • The Global Political Economy (GPE)

    only creates a premise for Global Political Economy (GPE), but also is used as an integral tool for the analysis of GPE. Historical perspectives in GPE not only have developed it 's basis, but have also created a technique in which to critically analyze the international system, the relations in between states and the history itself of Global Political Economy. Without a historical perspective, no scholar would be able to explain the origins of globalization, international organizations, or…

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  • Political Economy Of Rape Analysis

    In the article “The Political Economy of Rape: An Analysis of Systematic Rape and Sexual Abuse of Women During Armed Conflict in Africa” , Meredeth Turshen argues that rape and other forms of sexual violence during times of conflict are connected to economic practices and property ownership. This leads to an analysis of the ways in which sexual violence is used to enforce the notions of women as property and used to negotiate ownership of women’s property. Women are considered valuable due to…

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  • Social And Political Economy Approach

    To accomplish the question, the assignment is divided into five sections. It first provides an overview of sexuality and everyday lives from people with disabilities perspective. In section 2 and 3, this assignment examines how do two different approaches: the public health framework and the political economy approach has played out in disabled people’s sexual behavior and attitude based on lack of sex education, limited access to health services, and non-disabled majority’s attitude, by…

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