Political ideologies

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  • Political Ideologies

    political ideologies are ethical set of ideals, principles, doctrines, and symbols of a certain social movement or group that depicts how they believe society should function, and offers some political and cultural views to put up for a certain social order. Everyone has their own opinions, and their political views are likely to be different. A person can be a liberal, conservative or even Something in-between. Your political point of view determines your political ideology. A political ideology provides a perspective on various political issues, such as the correct role of an elected officials and the types of public policies that should be made. Almost everyone has a political ideology they follow. However, you might not know which ideology you fit in. It's helpful to know the main types of political ideologies. political ideologies fall along a spectrum that range from being a far left-wing perspectives to a far right-wing perspectives. There are four ideological categories in our country, they are Conservative, Liberals, Libertarians, and Populist/Communitarian. Conservatives believe in individual responsibility, limited government, free…

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  • Political Ideology

    Analyzing the Ideology of Political Parties (PTI) Ideology: According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ideology is a set of beliefs or principles, especially one on which a political system, party or organization is based. It is a comprehensive set of normative beliefs, conscious and unconscious ideas of an individual, group or society. Political Ideology: A political ideology is a set of related beliefs about political theory and policy held by an individual, group of…

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  • Political Ideology Of Liberalism

    Political Ideology of Liberalism For centuries, different political ideologies have dominated the world in various regions with their own set of beliefs and values. Successes and failures were the deterring factors for an ideology to thrive or perish. Although numerous amount of political ideologies are being practiced in our contemporary society, however, there are only five fundamental roots of ideologies that laid the foundations: Liberalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Anarchism.…

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  • Political Ideology Essay

    Political ideology and social patterns After completing the typology quiz - and granted some of the questions were tough to answer since I felt like my ideologies fit in the middle of those two extremes - I wasn’t surprised to find myself placed along side with 15% of the public as a solid liberal. Which I believe is pretty accurate in terms of self-identification if you ask me. Reason being is that when I investigated further into their social background characteristics I couldn’t help…

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  • Political Ideology Report

    I consider my political ideology to be more closely aligned with conservatism. While growing up, I realized that my family’s Cuban background had a big influence on them being conservative because Cuban culture has always emphasized the importance of living life (or believing in) with traditional values and morals. My family’s political ideology has always related more to conservatism. “Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty,…

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  • Political Ideology: A Comparative Analysis

    al., (2010) that Openness is relevant in predicting political ideology. In particular, those individuals who are less open tend to be more political conservative (Sibley & Duckitt 2008). However, it is important to note that political ideology was not identified by participants’ Openness alone. Moderation of political knowledge was vital. In parallel, the levels of knowledge of politics are also relevant to ideological prediction. It is interesting to note that the effect of knowledge of…

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  • Political Ideologies: A Comparative Analysis

    The differences between the political ideologies, as well the their political economic counterparts, comes down to the distribution and weight placed on freedom versus equality. They are the basic beliefs about how politics should be constructed. They differ from political attitudes because they concern political issues rather than focus on the pace and scope of change. Ideologies focus on issues such as welfare, civil liberties, and national defense. Political attitudes take on different…

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  • John Locke's Political Ideologies

    POT3302 POT 3303 Political Ideologies John Locke’s vision of individual rights, rights of rebellion The scholar John Locke opines that a government bears the mandate to serves its people by protecting their life, liberty and their property. In his view, governments should not endorse the tyrannical rule of law; instead, the dispersion of authority should include excising the rule of law that serves all people (Aaron, 2011). Thus, he supports the decision to protest or rebel against any form of…

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  • Sandi Lucas Perspective On Political Ideology

    In America there are many different beliefs and opinions. From opinions on the best restaurant to the best school in the nation, everyone holds different ideas. Politics are one of the many categories that people hold strong opinions about. I interviewed my mother, Sandi Lucas, to see her stance on politics. She told me about her political ideology, political party, and political efficacy. Political ideology is a person’s personal beliefs about what the government should do and how it should…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Political Ideology

    My Political Ideology My political view point is Moderate and neither just Conservative or Liberal. Being Moderate, I side with some issues on either side without fully joining the team. Two topics I agree with on the Conservative side are Pro-Life and Gun-Rights, I feel these two are the most important to myself. On the Liberal side, I focus more on the No Death Penalty Regulation and Legalizing Marijuana. Conservatives tend to dislike change and want things to stay the same or, in some…

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