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  • Political And Economic Philosophy Of Malcolm X And The Black Power Movement

    history, African Americans have fought for political and economic freedom through the motivation of influential figures and gatherings of the African American community, by attacking issues of land ownership, labor, and equal rights that continued over time. During the Civil War an educated abolitionist, Frederick Douglass was one of the first to escape to the North and be speak up on the behalf of southern blacks for political freedom. As well to liberate his…

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  • The Blackfish Effect

    When Blackfish the documentary came out it had impacted many people’s opinions on Seaworld and their whole motive. Blackfish was an eye opener to show the living conditions of these orcas. Seaworld has received many hateful comments. Now all they want to do is try to fix the situation for the animals and their image. Seaworld responded in different ways, some that were good and some that weren’t at all. Blackfish caused a lot of damage for Seaworld, if I was Gabriela Cowperthaite I would be…

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  • Extreme Political Correctness Movement

    One of the greatest threats to the liberty and freedom of any individual, society or nation is the idea that in order to coexist and progress as a whole we need to embrace extreme political correctness. The political correctness movement has taken the world by storm, yet few people are aware of the dangers it presents. There is no doubt in my mind that in recent years the political correctness movement has gone way too far and the negative impact thereof is beginning to surface. So what is the…

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  • Alabama Political Freedom Movement

    On December 28, 2964 Martin Luther King J presented “Project for an Alabama Political Freedom Movement.” (History.com 2010). This plan was a call for a mass action for voter registration in Selma. The start of this campaign was when 700 African Americans show up at the Brown Chapel in Selma. The first march of Selma happened on January 6-18, 1965, when King and Lewis led 300 African Americans out of Brown Chapel to the court house (History.com 2010). The Selma police allowed them to walk in…

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  • Political Participation: Bernie Sanders And The Political Youth Movement

    comparison to previous races, the election is not entirely unique. By analyzing youth political participation, media bias, trends of popular opinion, and electorate expansion, we can observe what’s new and what’s old in the 2016 election and explain some of the occurrences of this presidential race. Political Participation: Bernie Sanders and the Political Youth Movement Videos of protesters outside the Democratic National Convention generalized Bernie Sanders’s supporters…

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  • Organized Political Party Movement

    Organized political party's started in 1796. That was the first time people ran for a political office as numbers of an organized political Party. Most of the older leaders of the Revolutionary Era were shocked by this new phenomenon. The value of political parties was seen by Madison but he believed this would only be temporary and used for specific elections that were controversial. The new conditions that were created were not understood by the older leaders. In America's new political…

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  • Theodor Herzl: The Zionist Political Movement

    Theodor Herzl founded the Zionist political movement. He was born in Budapest in 1860. In 1878 the Herzl’s moved to Vienna, where Theodor Herzl studied law in the University of Vienna, graduating in 1884. Instead of studying law, Herzl became a writer and a journalist acting as Paris correspondent for an influential liberal Vienna newspaper. Herzl probably first experienced anti-Semitism while studying at the University of Vienna. He thought of the Jewish problem as a social issue and wrote a…

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  • Summary: The Black Lives Matter Movement

    Social movements come in many different forms from physical art you can touch and feel to words and phrases that are uttered for the world to hear. The power of social movements is that they can be started and controlled my one little normal human or they can be lead by some of the most powerful people in the world. Social movements influence everything around us through art, words, literature and even music. The 3 social movements that have played a significant role in the world are the…

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  • The US Political System: The Tea Party Movement

    majorities votes. Therefore, a big number of political analysts predicted a persistent increasing dramatic change in the US political system, which would affect the US political system in the long run in the future, due to the fact that the size of the democratic victory and the last of the Republican’s unpopularity extended during the late Bush era. Two years later as predicted, the America’s most vibrant political force seldom seen occurred , calling it self the Tea Party Movement. The Tea…

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  • David King Oral History

    David King David King has been many things over the course of seventy-two-year life. He has studied political science, and law, he has been a father, political activist, chairman, and has even served as the commander of the main battle tank, for the united states army but during all his undertakings he has always been a citizen of East Saint Louis. It was East Saint Louis that shaped his life and career, it has been his love and loyalty for East Saint Louis that has compelled him to use his…

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