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  • Basic Cultural Conflict

    In “The Banking Concept of Education,” Freire denounces the “banking concept” that is premised on the belief that students are empty “ ‘receptacles’ to be ‘filled’ by the teacher” (Freire 244). Freire explains that in this educational scenario students are submissive while teachers are active, thus creating a power imbalance in the classroom. Like the ideologies Fox criticizes, the “banking concept” diminishes the richness of students’ cultural language. Subsequently, the classroom reflects and perpetuates the political structures of the outside world, where certain groups, the poor, minorities, immigrants, et cetera, are oppressed by a dominant majority group. Fox describes a very similar paradigm when he addresses the power dynamics created by the theories he repudiates. Furthermore, like Fox, Freire realizes that assumptions about deficiencies in students harm them. To resolve this issue, Freire advocates for “problem-posing” instead of the “banking concept.” The basis of Freire’s “problem-posing” method appears parallel to “oppositional culture” theory. Both these ideologies understand that students have credibility before…

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  • Founding Fathers Problems

    that men are selfish and contentious. They were men of affairs, merchants, lawyers, planter-businessmen, speculators, investors. Having seen human nature on display in the marketplace, the courtroom, the legislative chamber, and in every secret path and alleyway where wealth and power are courted, they felt they knew it in all its frailty. To them a human being was an atom of self-interest.” (Pages 3-4) For any community to be successful, its people need to have the good of the community in…

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  • The Relationship Between Nation Building And Empire Building

    policy emblematic of the imperial role of the US in development aid. Bibliography Brazys, Samuel. "Race to Give? The Selective Effectiveness of United States Trade Capacity Building Assistance." Review of International Political Economy 17, no. 3 (2010): 537-61. This paper looks at the effectiveness of trade capacity building aid from the United States as a way to examining the effectiveness of foreign aid in general. To test the effectiveness of this aid, the author looks at how a countries…

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  • What Factors Affect Presidential Leadership

    Many factors shape presidential leadership and a president’s capacity to change the direction of American politics. In The Politics Presidents Make, Stephen Skowronek argues that by accurately locating a President in political time it is possible to obtain an understanding of the broad character of a President’s leadership position and a better insight into the opportunities and constraints on leadership that characterize a President’s term of office. In the nature of politics, the ability to…

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  • Representation Of Women In Politics

    The authors begin by making the argument that structural factors and political institutions are vital indicators of women’s political representation, but then find proof that these two explanations cannot stand alone. In terms of Finland and Greece, this part of the theory works for structural factors, but is not applicable in terms of political institutions. It is then made evident that the culture of a state, the independent variable, is the most reliable factor when determining its…

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  • Schmitt's Argumentative Analysis

    Schmitt insist that the friend -enemy distinction is the defining feature of the political, and that violence is the mode of preservation for the state and its beliefs. “Each participant is in a position to judge whether the adversary intends to negate his opponent’s way of life and therefore must be repulsed or fought in order to preserve one’s own form of existence” (Schmitt 1927, 27). The political exist to justly defend the created political order. A group of people who willingly engage…

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  • Partisanship Polarization

    politics saw a decline of partisan politics during the 1950s and 1960s, however there was a resurgence in the late 1970s that has yet to cease (Brewer, 2005, p. 219). While the political elite have been divided along partisan lines, the results of their division have extended to the American populace. The division of the American populace makes the governing by the political elite an easier task. Therefore, it is an easier task for the elite to maintain the status quo. Mark Brewer addresses the…

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  • Robert Wiebe's The Search For Order

    Even efforts at reform were reactionary attempt to reclaim the local communities of the past. The Populist movement culminated the reform groups into one political party in the early 1890s creating tension between reform and competing economic visions. This came to a head during the 1896 Presidential election in which McKinley’s victory marked a victory for the business elite and the dissolution of the reformers creating opportunities for fresh solutions facing America which established the…

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  • Mcdonald's Case Study Of Mcdonalds In The Chinese Market

    Lessons learned during the expansion into Japan helped with the expansion into China. The increased buying power of the citizens provided broad appeal for investment into QSR; McDonald’s faced cultural and political influences effectively adapting to the China market. McDonald’s is second to KFC in the Chinese market and utilizes very different approaches to expansion and management. The culture of McDonald’s centers on local control through joint venture, sole proprietorship, and…

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  • The Effect Of Raising Minimum Wage

    An increase in minimum wage has short term benefits but long term setbacks. While raising the minimum wage is a good idea to help the low wage worker, raising it too much may end up hurting not only these workers, but the economy and everyday people alike. In my paper I am going to thoroughly analyze the effect of raising minimum wage in our society. I am also going to look at how the issue of minimum wage is covered in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. We rarely hear the candidates talk…

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