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  • Loch Kinord Environment Analysis

    used this site I am going to look at methods used in landscape archaeology, environmental archaeology and geoarchaeology such as pollen and soil studies, LIDAR, Excavating and methods of Remote sensing. I will show how we use these methods to find out which would the most suitable to learn about the past environment that the ancient societies lived in. Figure…

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  • Plant Reproduction Lab

    reproducing. Angiosperms use pollen vectors such as insects, mammals, birds, wind, and even water to deliver their pollen grains to stigmas. The plant of study for this experiment was Mimulus guttatus, also known as the monkeyflower. This plant produces yellow flowers that are bilaterally symmetrical and have five petals. Interestingly, their petals are fused together and contain the anthers and stigma, the reproductive parts of the plant. This morphology makes this species cosexual, so…

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  • Flowers Vs Pollinator Essay

    cost of producing excess pollen and nectar to attract pollinators. Pollinators are interested in maximizing their return on investment on pollen and sugary nectar, while minimizing the cost of foraging. Modifying a particular trait, (the number of flower displays of a flowering plant) allowed the pollinator and flower to be better studied. Interested in replicating other studies and determining if the number of flower displays and number of visitors (pollinators) was positively correlated was…

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  • Root System Of Hibiscus

    root tip. Root tip has root hairs, and root cap. The roots have a brownish tint to them. The root comes in random of sizes and placements. The functions of the roots are to anchor and support plants (Plant Structures: Stems, CMG GardenNotes). The root can absorb and conduct water minerals and also store products of photosynthesis (carbohydrates, sugars, proteins). This is the reason why plants can survival though the winter (Plant Structures: Roots, CMG GardenNotes). In a flowering plants…

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  • Escape From The Western Diet By Michael Pollen

    From being named on Time Magazine’s top 100 Most Influential People in 2010 to writing many books about food and eating Michael Pollen goes on to explain how to escape the Western Diet in his essay “Escape from the Western Diet”. Pollen points out how the food and health industries impact peoples diets, how to escape the Western Diet and the 3 rules he proposes. Pollen has many great points but lacks convincing evidence in many of his arguments. Although Michael Pollen lacks some strong evidence…

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  • Camptotheca Case Study

    1). Pollen samples were collected 59 with depth intervals of ca. 50 cm. Sample preparation included treatment with HCl and KOH, sieving (meshes 120 µm), 60 treatment with HF, acetolysis (7 min), and mountingin silicone oil [20]. Counting was with a Zeiss binocular microscope 61 with a magnification of 400 times; larger magnifications were used for the identification of problematic palynomorphs. 62 63 Example pollen diagrams with selected depth intervals and pollen types are presented in…

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  • The Honey Bee Body

    Introduction The western or European honey bee has the genus name Apis Mellifera which means "bee" and "honey bearing". Honey bee body has 3 parts, two pairs of wings, six legs and two compound eyes. Moreover, there are three kinds of honey bees in a hive, one Queen bee, many worker bees and a few drones. They have different chore in the hive. They live in colonies or hives and collect nectar and pollen as their food. Honey bees are also known as the best pollinators when they visit from one…

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  • Hordeum Bulbosum Is Restricted To Crossable Wheat Genotypes

    genotypes. Nonetheless, maize pollen appears to be insensitive to these crossability limiting factors, and pollen can be taken from a wide range of maize germplasm (Suenaga 1994). In maize mediated Dh system, the intergeneric crosses between wheat and maize followed…

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  • Stingless Bees: A Case Study

    play a role in metabolic conversion or preservation of food. Apparently, some genera of yeasts have been isolated from the stingless bee hive. There are two yeasts genera that frequently isolated from pollen and honey of stingless bee hive, which includes Candida and Starmerella (Rosa et al., 2003; Teixeira et al., 2003; Daniel et al., 2013). Rosa et al. (2003) also reported that other genera of yeasts have been found in propolis, adult bees, the colony trash deposit area, and less in the honey.…

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  • Essay On Allergy

    When a dog starts to sneeze, or the eyes start to water, or chewing on themselves from itching, it is time to take notice and find a safe treatment to alleviate the symptoms. Relief for dogs, such as herbal remedies and supplements, can be used for dogs allergic to pollens, weeds, or other seasonal allergens. Be prepared to control allergies every year around March to alleviate symptoms. In addition, since most dogs with allergies are those with imbalanced immune systems, natural remedies can…

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