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  • John Witte's Argument Against Polygamy

    In John Witte Jr’s Article, “ The case against polygamy” an article published by First Thing. Witte Jr discusses the fact that religious groups such as mormons and muslims to name a few, have argued against the government in an attempt to protect the act. Witte Jr furthers to ask if polygamy is the new same sex marriage. In “ The case against polygamy” Witte Jr states that while recognition of same sex marriage does not make legalization inevitable(2) Witte Jr argues that in the hebrew bible more than two dozen polygamist among the heroes of faith(2). But the greeks were the first to state that polygamy is a form of domestic tyranny.. Augustine wrote about polygamy but argued that polygamy was a thing for the biblical patriarchs, but not for people of this day. In an argument against nature Witte Jr continues to say that in the animal world, animals have the knowledge that reproduction occurs between male and female. But he says that an animal may have several mates during its lifetime.He furthers to say, that a man can impregnate several women in one night, but only one man can impregnate one woman at a certain time on the same night. Writers of the catholic and protestant faith wrote that polygamy was not only a violation of the law but that it violates the rights of wives and children. Witte Jr writes that thousands of years ago Jewish rabies protested that polygamy brought trouble. Bringing grief even to the most God fearing men. Wives of men who…

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  • The Benefits Of Polygyny

    Generally speaking, polygyny is a rather useful form of marriage that can provide political, social, and even economic advantages, which is why it is the preferred form of marriage across the majority of societies. Historically, in Europe, polygyny was practiced in order to both ensure the birth of a son thus ensuring the continuance of monarchies. Additionally, some rulers practiced polygyny in order to, “build alliances with or annex neighboring kingdoms” (Ember 193), ergo providing a means of…

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  • FLDS Essay

    two. In 1830, Joseph Smith created the Mormon faith. It originally practiced polygamy, but as the religion gained popularity, so did polygamy. Be that as it may, polygamy was not accepted in society, so in 1868 the United States outlawed it. The Church of Latter-Day Saints did not outlaw polygamy in the church till 1890 (Brower). As with anything in life, there were individuals who did not support the ban on polygamy. Instead of accepting their fate, a group of followers separated from the…

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  • Parody: The Definition Of Polygamy

    “Every man should have four wives: a Persian, with whom he can converse; a woman from Khorasan, for the housework; a Hindu woman to raise the children, and one from Transoxiana, whom he can beat as a warning to the others” (Mirza Aziz Koka). Polygamy was practiced in the ancient world and is still a custom today among certain groups in Africa, Asia, India, and the Middle East depending on the law, culture, and religion. The term “Polygamy” is used to describe the general practice of multiple…

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  • Essay On Polygamy

    Introduction Polygamy is the act of having more than one spouse. Deviance is any behavior, belief or condition that violates significant social norms in the society or group in which it occurs (Kendall). It is most commonly practiced amongst Mormons in Utah, although it can happen elsewhere. There are different variations of the kinds of polygamist in America such as a family that does not conceal their status as a polygamist, compared to more secretive families who prefer more privacy.…

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  • Underage Courtship In Polygamous Communities

    The topic of underage courtships in polygamous communities has been an ongoing debate since the late 1850’s and is currently being argued in places all around the world. These types of marriages restrict freedom of women and young children, because men are married to more than one wife, men in polygamous marriages are given full power over each family unit, and these women and young children are often left to live in poverty. However, there are many different cultures that practice polygamy,…

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  • FLDS Communities

    Warren Jeffs, one of the Utah and Arizona polygamous leader’s, placed on the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives list, and is now in prison with charges of pedophilia and child abuse. Other men like Jeffs take part in underage courtships, in small isolated polygamous communities known as the Order, ran by the Fundamental Church of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) in Salt Lake City, Utah. These isolated polygamous communities belong to multiple families that consist of one man married to multiple women,…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Polygamy

    What is Polygamy? Polygamy is the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. Many of you may not know, but it is illegal here and it should always stay like that. Many people have began now on a movement to legalize it. Since when has it been right to marry more than one person, how would you feel knowing that your partner loves someone? Would you feel confused? Would you feel jealous? Does it feel right? Is polygamy even a serious problem in today 's world? Gay…

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  • Polygyny In Mende Men

    The film that was shown in class today focused on a group of people known as the Mende, whose views of marriage and families differs greatly from an Americans views on those topics. The Mende practice polygyny, which means that one husband can have multiple wives. One of the families introduced in the film, there was one husband, multiple wives, and several children. According to the only husband and father, he keeps his children under control simply because he feeds them. In fact, according to…

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  • African Continen Polygyny

    The rate of polygyny varies greatly by region, with, for example, an incidence of 10% in Malawi versus 55% in Cameroon. The effect of polygamous marriage practices is can be characterized by higher fertility, greater spousal age gaps, and more significant rates of poverty. However, the economics behind this practice allow men an advantage over monogamous individuals, at least in the short-term, making the difficulty of a transition on any grounds rather precarious. Neither child marriage nor…

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