Polyphasic sleep

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  • Polyphasic Sleep Essay

    irregular circadian sleep cycle and insomnia for a while. In recent lectures on Biopsychology, the course dabbled upon the topics of sleep. This sparked my passion and thus writing this paper to demonstrate my past casual researches in polyphasic napping and sleep in general. Sleeping is by far one of the most imperative biological needs for majority of organisms. It is comprised of 4 stages: NREM 1, NREM 2, NREM 3, and REM. In NREM 1, it is considered as light sleep. This stage transition from awake state (Alpha Wave, about 8 to 13 Hz) to onset of sleep (Theta Wave, about 4 to 7 Hz). In NREM 2, it consists about 45 to 55% of total sleep in adult and is characterized by sleep spindles (12 to 14 Hz) and k-complexes. This stage…

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  • Decision-Making Under Conditions Of Sleep Deprivation Case Study

    Schnyer, D. V. (2009). Decision-Making Under Conditions of Sleep Deprivation: Cognitive and Neural Consequences. Military Psychology (Taylor & Francis Ltd), 2136-45.Journal This study was designed to investigate how sleep deprivation affected the decision making with a sample of fifteen participants, four females and nine males. Previous studies, which focused on working memory, concluded in conflicting results; some labs have found that sleep deprivation slowed down cognitive processes…

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  • How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect The Life Of College Students

    Sleep, it’s a wonderful thing. Whether it is the warm protection of the sheets, the engulfment of your head in the fluff of the pillow or simply the bliss dreaming the night away, sleep, it’s a beautiful thing, but too often this blissful ritual is sacrificed and ignored in the life of a college student. The number one phrase out of any college student, other than “I’m so broke,” is “I’m so tired.” Coming to class or work with dark circles under the slightly glazed over eyes, venti coffee in…

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  • School Start Times Persuasive Essay

    prior to 8 A.M. go through the day in a sleep-deprived manner. Early school start times affect how teenagers…

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  • Good Country People And Good Country People

    what appears to be a protagonist enters each story abruptly and poses as an innocent, trustworthy character. But over time, each character reveals himself to be an exploitative antagonist with an ulterior motive thereby proving that wandering men in the 1950s South are not to be trusted. In “The Life You Save May Be Your Own", O’Connor presents a seemingly innocent tramp who is willing to help out for only a place to sleep. This man, known as Mr. Shiftlet appears at the house of Mrs. Crater and…

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  • Social Justice Experience: My Experience From High School To College

    that I just finished my first year as a college student. To be completely honest, it went by fast. Being on a college campus, let alone a college student was so surreal to me. It was really unbelievable. I learned a lot of things that I never imagined I would come across of learning. If I must admit, the transition from high school to college was arduous. I was like a bird that was waiting for its owner to tell me which way to go or what song to sing. In high school, there was a pattern that I…

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  • Social Media Effects On Youth Essay

    relationship status, and their personal cell phone numbers. There are options to set certain information privately on Facebook, but they decide to share personal information with their large network of friends. Though this can be dangerous, most aren’t concerned about third-party access to their data. I find it most unusual that even family members will share intimate details on social media where hundreds of people have access, but won’t share this same information with those closest to them…

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  • Personal Narrative: Historically Black University

    Since I’ve been here I can surely say that I have not received the recommended eight hours of sleep, not one night. There’s always something to be done such as an essay, test, or presentation. I cannot fully blame my sleep habits on academics because I do have a life. I stay up to be social and hang out with friends or watch a movie to relax a bit. I have been sleeping more during the day than I ever have at night while at school. I plan to receive all the opportunities that I can while I’m in…

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  • Animal Observation Report

    It was an early quiet morning on Apple Hill farm, Farmer Dave got up ready to work. Today he has to move all the chickens into their new big coop instead of three separate ones. He gets out of bed and gets dressed, puts on his work boots and heads out the door. He walks passed the other animal ringing a bell making sure they were awake. Once he gets to the chicken coops he grabs a bag of their food and makes a trail with it to make sure the chickens would not run away. He walks over to the new…

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  • Dialogue Essays: Sikeman's Deadliest Battle

    SikeMan’s Deadliest Battle *RIIINNNGGGG* *CRRAASSHHH* “Ahhh, give me 5 minutes i just wanna sleep.”.....”Fine, i'll get up i thought that i set this darn thing to 8:00 not 6:30.” Drake said as he yawned and fell back into his bed full of fluffy cotton pillows. “Mise well go down stairs and make a cup of coffee.” Drake gets up and puts his feet on the creaky oak wood floors and goes to the kitchen to make himself a steamy cup of coffee. As he is sipping on his warm cup of coffee he hears a faint…

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