Effects Of Polygamy

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Polygamy is the act of having more than one spouse. Deviance is any behavior, belief or condition that violates significant social norms in the society or group in which it occurs (Kendall). It is most commonly practiced amongst Mormons in Utah, although it can happen elsewhere. There are different variations of the kinds of polygamist in America such as a family that does not conceal their status as a polygamist, compared to more secretive families who prefer more privacy. Although it is still currently practiced in America it is illegal and socially unacceptable. In 1890 the Edmunds-Tucker act of 1887 denied people living in polygamous arrangements their civil rights, and fines an imprisonment
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When there is someone that is entitled to receive alimony, and/or child support payments the courts will uphold the laws and make the polygamists responsible for all of it.
Some of the penalties for polygamy and bigotry vary from state to state. Some states polygamy may be considered a criminal misdemeanor when no one’s safety or life is at risk. The polygamist and possibly the spouses may face a fine and/or up to a year in jail. When girls are forced to marry against their will and they are not of legal age to marry it would be a felony criminal charge. It would mean a larger fine and longer jail sentence imposed. Also other charges of sexual abuse would also be ensued (I Do, I Do, I Do: Is Polygamy Legal?). Current Practices of
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A lifestyle like this is full of brainwashing and young children being forced into this type of life, it’s not their choice. In addition to the instilled notions of submissiveness, the wives of polygamists are intimidated with threats of eternal damnation and the loss of their children should they choose to flee the community or seek police protection (Polygamy). Warren Jeffs contributed to marrying multiple underage girls and sexual assault to underage girls. Authorities took about two hundred and twenty women and over four hundred children away from their home

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