Pollinator decline

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  • Bee Pollinators Decline

    Pollinators on the Decline In recent years North America has been faced with a sharp decline in bee populations. Beekeepers are used to a certain amount of bees and hives dying off but the winter and spring of 2006-2007 brought about the most precipitous decline in decades. The historical rate for overwintering losses is 10-15% but from 2007-2011 this rate has been 28-33% (The Situation, n.d.). This event from 2007 has been coined as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and affecting as many as 35 states and causing colony losses as high as 80-100% for some beekeepers the disorder is both widespread and severe (Kluser & Peduzzi, 2007). Unfortunately the cause of CCD is not known. Beekeepers are desperate for an answer to this problem to save…

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  • Research Paper On Bumblebees

    Bumblebees and Blueberries Many plants require insects for pollination, and therefore reproduction. Blueberries are one such species of plant. They are also one of the main products of Maine. In 2007 alone, Maine gained around 250 million dollars from their blueberry industry (University of Maine 2007). One of the key pollinators of Maine blueberries are the native bumblebees. There are 17 known native bumblebee species in Maine, but there seems to be a problem. It is well known that there has…

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  • Bees: Colony Collape Disease

    Bees pollinate about 80% of wild plants and 84% of human grown crops in terrestrial ecosystems (Brown, 2009). The ecosystem service of pollination has the economic value in the agricultural industry worth $1.7 billion (Brown, 2009). However, global honey bee populations are in decline (Potts, 2010). With the given projections for human population growth to reach around 9 billion by the year 2050, the importance of bees to human survival is vital (Brown, 2009). The US Fish and Wildlife Service…

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  • Honey Bees

    Recent declines in honey bee populations and increasing demand for insect-pollinated crops raise concerns about pollinator shortages. Pesticide exposure and pathogens may interact to have strong negative effects on managed honey bee colonies. Such findings are of great concern given the large numbers and high levels of pesticides found in honey bee colonies. Thus it is crucial to determine how field-relevant combinations and loads of pesticides affect bee health. We collected pollen from bee…

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  • The Importance Of Beekeeping

    are not healthy then our agricultural industry will suffer greatly. Agricultural crops require the hardworking honeybees for pollinations and their decline directly affects the income of farmers in South Carolina. Not only would we be hungry, but our farmers would also be financially devastated if we did not have the honeybee. The agricultural market in the United States earns approximately 14.6 billion dollars a year from crops pollinated by honeybees and with a roughly 50% decline in the…

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  • Honeybee Crisis Research Paper

    Crisis In Brief: - The population of honeybees is at a steady decline due to a recent disorder in hives - Scientist are desperately trying to find the cause of the phenomenon, and potential solutions to save these pollinators - If nothing is done to help this situation, not only will many produce that humans consume daily may become unavailable, but over two-thirds of plants throughout the entire world Think of all the produce you buy and consume on a daily basis. Now, imagine if over half of…

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  • Honey Bees Extinction Essay

    widespread consequences due to the decline of animals that are no longer able to produce pollination. One researcher suggests “Micronutrient deficiencies are estimated to affect more than 1 in 4 people around the globe. The “hidden hunger” associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies affects individual of every age and gender”(). An increased risk of chronic and infectious diseases, reduced IQ, decreased work productivity, along with goiter, night blindness, and iron-deficiency anemia are…

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  • Essay On Monarch Butterfly

    hibernate in oyamel fir trees. Those who live west of the Rocky Mountains will migrate to Southern California and hibernate in eucalyptus trees. Another reason for the monarch migration besides not being able to withstand the cold is the food they need to survive does not grow in the cold weather. The monarch’s scientific name is Danaus plexippus. Monarch’s are found all over North American and are often referred to as the “king” of butterflies because of their beauty. These butterflies are…

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  • Colony Collapse Disease Analysis

    bees play a major part in the world for pollinating there has been a major decline in the population. From increased uses of pesticides, insecticide and fungicides being used of crops and gardens the bees who pollinate are picking up those chemicals. Thus bringing it back to the colony and possibly poisoning the whole colony. Also Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) plays a big role in the decline in population. From Colony Collapse Disorder to different insecticides and pesticides being used by…

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  • Discrimination Of Bees Persuasive Essay

    Every country in the world requires food in some form and the quantity of food required in each country is growing exponentially because the population worldwide is growing exponentially.. The source of the food is from plants that are eaten directly by people or either eaten by animals that will later be food for people. A third of the food we eat is from the pollination of bees and other insects. Without bees, nothing can be pollinated to make plants grow. Without bees, it will be very hard to…

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