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  • The Art Of Beekeeping

    much time will it take to learn the art of beekeeping? The art of beekeeping is a continual learning process. One could read a book on beginning beekeeping in a few hours; or, take a month-long class from their choice of a multitude of community colleges and universities. The time spent learning the art reduces the time needed to continue the practice. The time commitment for the continued art of beekeeping is similar to other seasonal hobbies like gardening (“The Backyard Beekeeper”, pg. 10). A beginning beekeeper will spend about one and a half hours per week in the warm months attending to honeybees; while, the cooler months will require a few minutes a week ( I was surprised to find out how little time the are of beekeeping required. The majority of homeowners can spare a couple of hours a week for the bountiful return the honeybee contributes to our…

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  • The Importance Of Beekeeping

    10 November 2017 Saving the Honeybees Without the honeybee we could be a starving world on the verge of extinction. Thankfully we have the South Carolina Beekeepers Association that is working to encourage the public’s interest in beekeeping and provide an education platform to train beekeepers for the future. The mission of the South Carolina Beekeepers Association is aimed at education and advocacy to make certain that South Carolina beekeepers are kept informed and have the things they need…

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  • Beekeeping Research Paper

    The most important part of the beekeeping process is the hives where the bees live. Different methods have been used to make the extraction and collection process of the honey to be easy. The best-known hive is the Langstroth hive. It is the one that is used by many beekeepers. The advantage of the Langstroth hive is that it can be moved. It is a frame and is rectangular. It has got many hives in it. The artificial combs that are on the frames are all made from materials like plastic or wax.…

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  • Backyard Beekeeping Research Paper

    Backyard Beekeeping Many beekeepers prefer having their hives in their backyard and some bees are being kept on roof-tops on the city. There is no need to put your hive next to flowering plants since bees can travel some miles to gather pollen and nectar. If you are a city beekeeper it is of importance for you to take special care for your bees and ensure your neighbours are comfortable and safe with your beekeeping practice. Below are some of the tips that can help you while practising backyard…

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  • The Importance Of Beekeeping In The United States

    Traditional domestication of bees began in the early 1800’s along with most early advent of manmade beehives. Since these early pioneers of apiculture, beekeeping has progressed to an essential aspect of modern agriculture. In America, the production of specialty foods such as berries, nuts, fruit, and vegetables have become reliant on not only wild pollinators as a whole, but domesticated bee’s specifically. Beekeeping has become a reputable business, one that entails beekeepers traveling…

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  • The Importance Of Beekeeping In Ethiopia

    Beekeeping is an appropriate farming activity that is suited to extensive systems in tropical Africa. Ethiopia is known for its large variation of agro-climatic conditions and biodiversity which includes good survival of diversified honeybee flora and large number of honeybee colonies (Adgaba, 2007). Because of this, Ethiopia is a leading country in Africa and ninth in the world in honey production. Considering beeswax production, it is the first in Africa and third in the world (FAO, 2005).…

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  • Positives And Negatives Of Beekeeping

    70 years old. This survey result showed that people in the most productive age are actively engaged in beekeeping activities with an average experience of 12.31years. The mean land holding of per beekeeper household was estimated to be 1.95 ha. Generally, the average land holding in the district showed insignificant difference but is slightly higher than the national average household land holding of 1.0-1.5 ha (ASE AIFSP, 2002). The average livestock and family size in the study area was 1.95,…

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  • Honey Bees Importance

    The Importance of Bees in the Environment and a Guide to Beekeeping Honey bees live in highly intricate communes or colonies of as many as 100,000 bees; the largest population of bees in a beehive are worker bees, which are unfertile females. Worker bees also perform most of the work in the beehive. The work includes gathering nectar, water and pollen and cleaning and feeding the queen. The other functions performed by the worker bees are cooling or heating the beehive, whenever it is necessary;…

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  • Bees And Bees Case Study

    Some critical bee preservation strategies that have been undertaken to maintain biodiversity include; supporting bee keeping; limiting the amount of pollinators such as chemical fertilizers insecticides and fungicides use and ensuring the existence of sufficient food supply to encourage pollinators. This is in addition to raising awareness amongst all stakeholders in the industry to encourage good farming practices and maintenance of public spaces and gardens. A case study on improve bee and…

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  • Poor Man's Bees Case Study

    does not see the bees as a source of pollination and a beneficial source for his plants. As a result of, he asked me to move my bees so that they would stop feeding on his flowers. I insisted that the bees were simply pollinating the flowers and therefore, refused to move them. As a result of, he then let his wrath of anger lead him to putting poison on his flowers which killed my bees. Consequently, I am seeking compensation for unlawful damage to my property, the bees. Over the past few…

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