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  • Argumentative Essay On Homeless Youth

    makes him cry himself to sleep every night. Surprisingly, despite the daily horrors, almost all of the homeless youth that I have investigated have managed to keep a positive attitude and a constant daily routine to survive. As a result, the homeless youth have seen the worst things in life. But at one point, they still have dreams. They are teenagers who has aspirations, passions and relationships who just trying to make the best of life. But some may argue that these homeless youth are just potentially crazy people being lazy and taking their benefits of a lifetime of their bad choices. Most homeless are young, and they are only homeless for a couple of months. In fact, "These aren 't roving bands of shiftless, alcoholic drug addicts begging for change on the street; they 're normal people who hit one or two snags while going through a life just like anyone else 's. They are just normal kids whose parents hit snags -- they literally had no other choice or options." (Bonnie, 2013) However, most of people just don 't really understand, the leading cause of homelessness is mental illness. For example, in the United States, people will easily become homeless when the government close down a mental institution because they cannot get their medications. As a result, these homeless youth have faced a number of problems that may easily propel them into adult homelessness. On the other hand, others may simply consider that government benefits should cover as much help as these…

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  • Homelessness In Haiti

    in Baltimore. In reality, hopeless people are across the world. When we see them at the traffic lights we quickly roll up our windows, turn the music up and lock all of our car doors. We avoid making eye contact especially when we seem them in person. We do everything we can to stay far away because we’re convinced that the homeless has some kind of disease. Yes, it gets kind of old when the homeless walk down the street holding up that cardboard sign begging for some change. Being homeless…

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  • What Causes Homelessness

    that my family was a little richer; that we had better things. Then I learned that there are people in the world who have nothing. There are people who are homeless and who have nothing but the clothes on their back. Homelessness is a big social problem around the world, but the focus of this paper is about the problem in Spartanburg South Carolina. Homeless people are thought of negatively because people assume the worst in them. Some homeless people have a substance abuse, but others are just…

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  • How To Reduce Homeless People

    and death. The image of homeless people evokes a lazy bum spending his or her day under the bridges in a drunken stupor or smoker are always come to many people’s mind first when they hear about “homelessness”. Even though the drug addiction is a biggest problem to make people become craziest that they can’t even control themselves or do anything but for them, drug abuse and alcohol is just a part of their life. Because of this situation, we could spend more money on helping addicts recover…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Homelessness

    In an article written by Blake Ellis, he discusses the laws that have been created to prevent people from living on the streets or begging for money. He describes what these laws aim to do by stating they, “ban homeless residents from sitting or lying down in public, loitering, sleeping in vehicles, and begging for money or food” (Ellis, July, 2014). As of two years ago, there were a total of 187 cities implementing such laws into their communities. Such arguments go hand in hand with the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Being Homeless

    Cruel or Caring? There is an estimated number of 600,000 -760,000 people who are homeless nationwide. These numbers include men, women, children, and the elderly (Hurley). Recently, there have been particular laws made against the homeless community. A few examples of these laws are banned begging and loitering (Bello). Cities that target laws on the homeless are protecting the community, but they are also harming the homeless. There are multiple different factors that can lead a person…

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  • Essay On Human Experience

    lives changed severely after living on the streets in New York and witnessing and doing what the homeless people do. The men and women on the streets of New York were left behind by society and they have been giving no chance at coming back to live there lives on how they are meant to live them. The boys had to be able to live on the streets in New York for couple days in the winter to be able to know how it feels to be homeless. when they were on the streets they had to figure out how to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Chinatown

    it is not neat, not a lot of space for us to get through. I ate Chinese noodle and dumpling. The Chinese foods are so good. I can smell the seasoning they put in my noodle, the noodle is not so soft nor so rough, and the sauce taste extremely good, I can taste sweetness in the seasoning flavors. We stay in the restaurant for a while. We talked about how we like about the Chinatown so far. After a little chatted with the family we finally leave the restaurant. As I walk around Chinatown with my…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Homelessness

    Imagine someone lost and not knowing when their next meal will be. They spend each night on the closet bench, which they call their bed. You 'll often see them begging or walking around town in their dirty and ripped articles of clothing, carrying around the only belongings left to their name. These people are called homeless, although some of them are more than just people without homes or somewhere to live. The problem of homelessness, whether considered serious or not, is a rather pressing…

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  • Cause Of Homelessness In The United States

    Over 3.5 million people become homeless every year, and the government doesn’t help out as much as everyone thinks they do. A lot of people say they help the homeless but in reality, most of them treat the homeless like scum, they can't even spare 25 cents.If people help out even one homeless person it will make a huge change in the society. The main causes of homelessness is poverty and unemployment, but some people think differently. Help is what the homeless need, it doesn’t take much to…

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