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  • The True Story Of Ah-Q By Lu Xun

    Weizhuang far beneath him on the social scale.” The townspeople see Ah-Q as a barbarian and want him to change his ways; many Chinese citizens and outsiders viewed the Qing dynasty the same way. Lu equates Ah-Q’s tribulations with issues that contributed to the fall of the Qing, specifically alluding to the Sino-Japanese War in one account. In 1896 the Qing navy lost to Japan in the Sino-Japanese War. Of the loss, Holcombe states, “despite the steps that had been taken toward “self-strengthening” during the Tongzhi Restoration, the Qing Dynasty was militarily humiliated when it became embroiled in a war with Japan.” The Qing did not consider Japan to be a serious competitor. According to Holcombe, “the Chinese army was nearly six times the size of the Japanese army, and the Chinese navy had twice as many ships.” Lu observes this defeat in his novel by saying, “this, in Ah-Q’s mental logbook of his life’s achievements, probably counted as his first true humiliation. Because of the man’s appalling whiskers, he had never had anything but pitying contempt for this Wang, who was too contemptible even to despise him back – much less raise a hand against him. But now here he was giving him a thrashing!” Ah-Q did not consider Wang a legitimate rival, and was shocked to find himself losing a fight with Wang. Lu believes this mentality is perilous and criticizes those feelings of superiority. Like Ah-Q, the Chinese government made no real effort to resolve the conflicts of the late…

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  • What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up Essay

    The members of my family that were in the military were my grandfather on my step-mother’s side, whom was in the Air Force, my father’s brother, whom was in the Navy, my step-brother, whom is in the Marines, and my uncle on my mother’s side, whom was in the Army. The main family member that influenced me to work with the military was my step-grandfather/grandfather. He fought in the Vietnam War and every year on the fourth of July him and my step-grandmother/grandfather would never shoot off…

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  • The Challenges Of Alexander: The Great, The Great

    kinsmen so that his kingdom would not be filled with warfare, banishments and secret plots. In this way he could mediate and govern the world (Plutarch 4). He conquered the Persians so that instead of him treating them as leaders, they would treat him as a leader. Alexander deserved to be called, the Great, because of his strategic military skills, ambition to become a great leader at a young age, and the way he maintained and controlled his empire when he was the king (Plutarch 4). A larger…

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  • The Things They Carried Bravery Character Analysis

    Characters in The Things They Carried all earn respect from their bravery throughout the Vietnam War, but bravery is not something easy to have. Soldiers took a lot of sacrifices to be able to be considered brave. Tim O’Brien proves that life as a soldier is extremely difficult. Characters in The Things They Carried endured harsh conditions and required a long effort to be attributed as “brave”. Curt Lemon, Ted Lavender, Norman Bowker, and Kiowa each had great patriotism to sacrifice their…

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Film Analysis

    all soldiers who suffered through the horrors of World War I. The protagonist and narrator of the movie is Paul Bäumer, a nineteen year old German soldier fighting in the trenches on the French front during World War I. He is kind, compassionate, and sensitive at first, shown by the laughing and playing him and the other recruits do when first entering the barracks, talking optimistically about where they want to be stationed. The brutal experience of warfare causes him to detach himself from…

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  • Examples Of Accountability In The Army

    Marquaze Ward 07/30/14 FTR: Failure to Report Here in the Army, we have tools in place that keep us soldier’s discipline, responsible, and a well-trained machine. Some of those include customs and courtesies; Drills and ceremonies; team building skills and etc. Another important skill set is accountability; being where you need to be at all times and responsible for your action. Accountability is what keep the Army running smoothly; shows soldiers how to be account for their personal…

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  • The Importance Of War In Homer's The Iliad And The Things They Carried

    overwhelmed by the war and her surrounding environment. This full change shows that behind even the sweetest and most innocent door, lies a dark part that is impossible to hide forever that is fully capable of taking another man 's life. Although humans are drawn towards violent conflicts, human beings have another part of their nature that involves them not being able to deal or understand violence in a healthy emotional manner. After Patroclus ' death in the Iliad, Achilles enters a state…

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  • Caesar Essay: The Military Career Of Julius Caesar

    Throughout his military career, Julius Caesar exhibited extraordinary strategic prowess and generalship. It was due to his actions and decisions, both during battles and in the daily operation of his army, that he was so successful in all of his campaigns. His unique strategies, inspiring leadership, and the strict training regimen he gave his troops all played a role. The battles of the Roman Civil War were no exception and the battle of Pharsalus against rival general Pompey is an excellent…

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  • Analysis Of Inman Violent Man In Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain

    Federals came and was attacked by the confederates standing behind the safe wall. In that night, Inman went to the battle field and witnessed a carnage as the author explained: “He saw a man killing a group of badly wounded Federals by striking them on the head with a hammer.” Every time he thought about that battle field, it changed his mood. Then one night, Inman escaped from the hospital and set off toward west. The journey was dangerous and he was always nervous about the dogs and the Home…

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  • A Golden Age Sparknotes

    war. War in itself is an organised violence. We have a heart touching story about Rehana Haque, a young widow with her family fighting back for the nation in the wake of violence where no man could have attempted, during Bangladesh war of 1971 presented by Tahmima Anam in her war Trilogy A Golden Age. Tahmima Anam is an anthropologist and novelist known as one of Granta’s Young Best Novelists for her contribution towards the first book A Golden Age. The main characters in the story are Rehana…

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