Sfc Moss Role Model

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Through my military career I’ve had the pleasure of having multiple role models. Some being family members others civilians that I’ve meet while accomplishing Army missions but most of my role models have been great individuals that I have had the pleasure of serving with in the military. One in particular stands out more than the others, his name is SSG Kenneth Moss or now SFC Kenneth Moss (R). SFC Moss (R) had the biggest impact on me as he was my first supervisor I had in the Army. His legacy forever left a mark and gave me the foundation to be successful in my military career both as a Soldier and as an NCO.
SFC Moss (R) set an example for others to emulate and his leadership inspired and motivated myself and other soldiers to be the best. His characteristics of interpersonal tact, knowledge, and the ability to inspire others were key to his leadership style. Always bringing out the best in all of us, making us believe in ourselves, and reaching our maximum potential. SFC Moss (R) was a person of character, some of his best trades were being fair and impartial. This is something that I didn’t understand at first but later in my military career I came to understand. As a dental clinic NCOIC he was in charge of both military and civilian staff. I can’t remember once where his character was question by anyone we worked with. His military
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The way he earned their trust and was able to communicate and bridge the gap between junior Soldiers as well as his peers with said leadership. Every time someone, either junior Soldiers or his fellow NCOs, need something from 1SG, SFC Moss (R) was the person to go to and ask to serve as the liaison because they knew he would make it happen. Always looking out for the welfare of everyone on and around his team. His hard work and dedicating earned him two of the most sought out positions in the unit, Color Guard NCO and Dental Clinic

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