MSG Howard Character Analysis

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Over the last ten years I have had many influential leaders give me guidance and mentorship that directly affected my ability to be a strong Noncommissioned Officer. MSG Howard is one of those leaders that epitomizes my image of what an Army Leader is supposed to reflect. His superior ability to bring a team together and draw out their individual strengths has always driven me to mimic his example. MSG Howard challenged us to be the best and taught us how to expect the best from our Soldiers. He taught us how to lead by the example he set and how to follow by his modest disposition. I will always compare myself to MSG Howard and strive to one day surpass his legacy. That is what he expected of us.
MSG Howard was the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of our cryptologic support team on our last rotation to Iraq. He was charged with the responsibility of making sure we were all trained and proficient in our operational
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I instill the same values in my Soldiers that MSG Howard instilled in me. I expect excellence and drive my Soldiers to that same ideal. I force myself to let go and allow my Soldiers to lead and grow all because of the lessons I learned as a young sergeant. I want my Soldiers to remember me as that NCO with the drive and ambition that led him to become an expert in his field. An NCO that wasn’t afraid to let go of the reigns and let his Soldiers have the opportunity to become that same leader. The lessons I learned from MSG Howard still inspire me to be the most competent and confident leader since we parted in 2010. For the last five years I have always reminding myself of his parting wisdom, “It will never be about the individual in this Army. It will always be about the team.” The legacy that I would like to leave would be just that. Focus on the team. Compound one another’s experience and expertise. This has never been and will never be a one man

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