Argumentative Essay On Homeless Youth

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When I was young, I was always thinking what I wanted to be as an adult? What were my aspirations and dreams? My parents, my family and most of my friends give me hopes that one day they will all come true. So, what were all the questions that you had when you were younger? What is out there in the big world? When will I have any freedom? What do people see at me? How am I and what can I give to society? What places will I go in life? But wait, what if we don 't have any of these options? These opportunities were seriously taken away from the homeless youth. Imagine being viewed as less than human: you beg for food because you are hungry; you beg for water because you are thirsty; you beg for shelter simply because you don 't have one. Imagine …show more content…
In addition, not all homeless youth belong in the same group. The main types I found were transitional and chronic homelessness. Chronic homelessness is what we imagine, but transitional homelessness is when an individual doesn 't stay on the street for more than three months. In fact, NPHY has reported that "the state of Nevada 's nationwide ranking for the rate of unaccompanied homeless children and youth" living on the street is number one and there were 23,790 homeless children in Nevada in 2013. But those numbers really don 't take on much reality until you hear spoken words through the young teenager. The ways to become homeless is unimaginable and oversimplified. Those kids could be your son or daughter 's best friends in the class who simply got rejected from their families. "From an educational standpoint, homeless children often suffer from delayed speech, language, cognition, social, and motor development, the result of a lack of age appropriate stimulating exercises." (Kelley, 2007) Furthermore, homelessness could seriously leads to drugs related , robberies or even suicide problems which totally ruin their

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